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Just Mercy

After graduating from Harvard Law School, Bryan Stevenson (Jordan) journeys to Alabama to defend those who have been wrongly condemned and cannot afford suitable representation for their defense. One of his first experiences with Alabama's criminal justice system is the case of Walter McMillian (Foxx), a black man convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of a white woman named Ronda Morrison. When Stevenson discovers gaping holes in the case, not to mention damning testimony hinging on the character of a convicted felon, he vows to have justice served.

Director: Destin Daniel Cretton. Stars: Jamie Foxx, Charlie Pye Jr., Michael Harding, Michael B. Jordan, Brie Larson, Christopher Wolfe, J. Alphonse Nicholson. 2019. 137 mins. Biography.



When Kepler 822, an underwater research and drilling facility located at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, is struck by a devastating earthquake, water floods into the facility. Mechanical engineer Norah Price (Stewart) and her colleagues, Rodrigo (Athie) and Paul (Miller), must escape, and they don't have much time. Finding all of the escape pods already deployed, the trio connect with Captain Lucien (Cassel), biologist Emily Haversham (Henwick) and engineer Liam Smith (Gallagher Jr.), who hatch a dangerous plan to walk across the ocean floor to the neighboring Roebuck 641. As the colleagues commence their journey into the darkness, they realize that they are not the only things lurking at the bottom of the ocean.

Director:  William Eubank. Stars: Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel, T.J. Miller, Jessica Henwick, John Gallagher Jr., Mamoudou Athie, Fiona Rene, Gunner Wright. 2020. 95 mins. Action.


Final Kill

Aging protection specialist Mickey Rome (Morrone) is asked by his boss, Carl Reiser (Zane), to complete one last job before retirement. He's tasked with protecting a couple hiding in Central America after embezzling millions of dollars from a merciless crime family, and the situation quickly turns deadly when mafia henchmen arrive in the small, peaceful Costa Rican town. Rome soon realizes he got more than he bargained for, and the situation explodes into violence.

Director: Justin Lee. Stars: Billy Zane, Danny Trejo, Ed Morrone, James Russo, Lauren Francesca, Johnny Messner, Randy Couture, Danielle Gross, Drew Pinsky. 2020. 80 mins. Action.