Late Laughs for the week of June 25 - July 1, 2017

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Jay Leno is here tonight! We love Jay. He's the only guy at Universal who gets excited when the Transformers turn back into cars.   The director of "Jurassic World 2" says the film will feature the T-Rex from the original movie. The T-Rex was like: "Hey, after three divorces, I need something to pay the bills."   "Wheel of Fortune's" Vanna White gave an interview recently where she said she doesn't want to retire. Mainly cuz all you do when you're retired is watch "Wheel of Fortune."   Willie Nelson announced he's writing his memoirs, and says he will explain how marijuana has affected his life. Here's how it affected his life: he started writing his memoir in 1946.   According to the National Inquirer, ...