Recaps for the week of September 11 - 15

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Brytni Sarpy stars in "General Hospital"

Brytni Sarpy stars in "General Hospital"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam makes a bold move that completely takes his father, Bill, by surprise. Steffy arrives unannounced, interrupting a secret liaison between Katie and Wyatt. Bill is enraged by his son's disloyalty, and he surprises Liam with a knock-down. Brooke tries to put together the pieces of the puzzle regarding Bill's news. Ridge feels nostalgic about Brooke after she tells him about Bill and Spencer Publications. Sally's outlook about her future shifts wildly when she receives bad news followed by some great news. Bill has a terrible memory that makes him feel that perhaps he's gone too far. Sally excitedly shares her good news with the rest of the gang. As Brooke puts things together, Bill breaks down and tells her half of the truth. Concerned about Liam and Bill's relationship, she attempts to speak to each of them individually.

Days of Our Lives

John and Marlena worry that they will meet a shocking fate. Hope confronts Hattie. Sheila threatens Bonnie. Chaos at Bayview has unforeseen consequences. Nicole makes a sacrifice for Brady. Chad, Andre and Kate clash regarding DiMera. Julie finds Eli and Gabi in a compromising position. Rafe has questions for Hope about why she doesn't want to get married right away. Hattie slips and admits she had an accomplice when Marlena confronts her. Maggie talks to Bonnie about Sheila. John has advice for Brady about Nicole. Tripp assists Claire in making Theo jealous. Bonnie pleads with Hattie not to expose her. Sheila has disappointing news for Adrienne. Theo says he wants to get back together with Claire. Sonny and Paul must tell Gabi that they are having a double wedding with Chad and Abigail. While drunk, Lucas makes a scene in front of Chad, Abigail, Paul and Sonny. Marlena shares with John her theory that Adrienne was in cahoots with Hattie. Eli admits to Abe that he was fired from the FBI because of what happened with Gabi.

General Hospital

Lulu has a lot to celebrate. Carly keeps vigil. Sonny and Griffin have a heartfelt conversation. Alexis and Sam share a warm moment. Carly decides to tell Michael the truth. Ava gains a new ally. Sonny does what he can to protect his family. Michael jumps in to defend Nelle. Anna seeks help from Finn. Valentin is honest with Nina. Griffin confronts his feelings. Franco's intentions are made known. Alexis consoles Monica. Anna does whatever it takes to get what she wants.

The Young and the Restless

Nick is shocked when, while at The Underground, he sees Alice sitting at a table having lunch. He then calls Sharon, who rushes over. When Nick and Sharon quiz Alice about her life, she insists she had no idea Nick owned The Underground. Cane and Lily share a warm moment as they remember the good times from their past. The mood quickly changes when Cane tells Lily that he and Juliet found out they are having a boy. Hilary manipulates Devon by painting Jordan in a bad light in the hopes that he will discourage Lily from getting involved with Jordan. Devon then confronts Jordan about his intentions toward Lily. Jordan stands up to Devon and suggests he mind his own business. Victoria and Billy are happy about the recent upswing in their sales numbers. She gives Billy credit for accessing Phyllis's computer. The chemistry between them grows as they brainstorm new ways to grow their sales numbers. Victor invites Noah to the ranch, but Noah remains suspicious. Victor insists he only wants to offer business advice about franchising The Underground. Noah agrees to Victor's help in obtaining a liquor license for the franchise.