Recaps for the week of September 10 - 14

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Risa Dorken stars in "General Hospital"

Risa Dorken stars in "General Hospital"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke and Steffy have words over the decision Ridge must make. Bill is grateful to have Brooke on his side. Quinn, Thorne, Liam, Brooke, Steffy and Hope all await Ridge's decision about Intimates vs. Hope for the Future. Later, Ridge tries to talk to everyone about why he chose the line he did. Steffy explodes at Hope in frustration. Steffy leads models in a test run of the Intimates line. Sally and Quinn show their support for Steffy. Zoe flirts with Xander after Emma leaves. Ridge and Brooke disagree with his decision at Forrester, and she believes the choice was personal. Steffy lets Hope know that she's taking charge of her life. As things heat up between Emma and Xander, Emma pulls away, telling him she's not ready. Once Emma leaves, Zoe comes in to try to take her place. Quinn supports Ridge. Bill meets with Brooke to ask her to discourage Katie from going ahead with the lawsuit. Ridge wonders why Brooke sympathizes with Bill after all he's done. Brooke meets with Katie and asks her not to deny Bill custody of Will. Bill is grateful for her support when she reports back on her and Katie's conversation. Thorne makes a proposal of marriage.

Days of Our Lives

Bonnie introduces Lucas to his daughter. Will prepares to tell Paul the truth. Paul comes to a shocking realization. Belle faces a tough choice regarding Marlena. Bonnie pressures Lucas to help secure her freedom. Belle and John discuss Marlena's fate. Kayla encourages Jennifer to tell Eric the truth. Paul gets some crushing news. John feels betrayed by Belle. Brady catches Will and Sonny in a close moment. Jennifer puts Eve on notice. Lucas tells Chloe about Bonnie's claim. John fights to save Marlena. Sami is worried about her mother's condition. Hope and Rafe argue about Sami. Ben gives Ciara a special gift. Marlena's loved ones gather and prepare to say goodbye. Rafe breaks the rules to help Sami. Hope tells Ben, Ciara and Tripp that new evidence implicates Ben. Ben makes a shocking accusation against Hope.

General Hospital

Nina is cautioned by Maxie. Valentin receives an update from Curtis. Brad has conflicting feelings. Julian gives Alexis a call. Sonny seeks answers. Drew spends some time with Sam. Mike is shaken. Chase shares his discovery. Sonny has a confrontation. Jordan and Margaux end up working together. Kristina opens up to Sam. Maxie feels confused. Carly calls out Sonny. Kim rips into Drew.

The Young and the Restless

Jack, Nick and Abby prepare for the Dark Horse launch party. Nikki is torn when she realizes she can't invite Victor, so she decides not to tell him. Victor reveals that he knows all about the event and encourages the women to attend. Sharon admits to Nick how little she recognizes his new personality. Nick tells her he's the same man he's always been and she agrees to attend the party. Kyle and Summer decide to settle their bet the night of the launch party. Kyle still has feelings for Summer though, and he wants their night together to mean something. Summer is reluctant to let emotions play a part, but she finds she has lingering feelings for Kyle and the two share a close moment. Nick offers Arturo a permanent position with Dark Horse. Arturo is hesitant due to his brother putting down roots in Genoa City. Abby helps Arturo think clearly and he eventually accepts the job. Rey goes out of his way to get in with the Newman family, which raises suspicions from Sharon and Victoria. Mariah is glad to have Tessa back in her life, but she admits to Sharon that Tessa is indebted to some dangerous people. Mariah asks Tessa for some proof of her situation, but Tessa is unable to provide it.