Recaps for the week of October 29 - November 2

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Michael Mealor stars in "The Young and the Restless"

Michael Mealor stars in "The Young and the Restless"

The Bold and the Beautiful

After Bill comes to, he and Brooke share a warm moment. Thorne does some damage control by blaming Bill for starting the fight. Eric is at odds with Quinn when she refuses to let Pam get married in their home. Eric and Donna remember their past. Ridge is upset when Bill asks after Brooke. Bill has a favor to ask of Brooke before he makes a confession. Det. Sanchez questions Thorne and Ridge some more about Bill's fall. Ridge is shocked when he finds out what Bill told the detective. Meanwhile, Bill promises Liam and Wyatt that he has changed. Quinn makes a huge sacrifice to keep her marriage intact. Ridge destroys an important symbol of the Spencer family. Pam reflects to Charlie about her relationship with Stephanie and the death of their mother. Brooke confides in Eric about Bill's admission and desire to be a better person and Eric gives her some advice. Later, Eric must step between Pam and Quinn. Ridge and Bill exchange accusations and threats. Steffy oversees a photo shoot for the launch of her Intimates line. Ridge, Brooke, Katie, Thorne and Donna all go to Eric and Quinn's for dinner. 

Days of Our Lives

Jennifer and Chad are shocked by the bombshell dropped by Abigail and Stefan. Sami asks for Kayla's help in proving EJ is alive. Sarah fills Maggie in about the man to whom she's to be married. Brady turns to Eve after feeling guilty about Nicole. Hattie wants Roman to prove his love for her. Eve severs ties with Brady and decides to leave Salem. Some familiar faces return for a spooky surprise. Hattie comes to understand that impersonating Marlena isn't as great as it seems. John scores a win. Sami realizes Susan is the key to identifying the mystery man. Belle is nervous when Chloe starts to suspect baby Bonnie is really Mimi's child. Susan has a premonition about Rex. Lucas and Sami reconnect. Belle supports Sami through a rough time and the sisters mend fences. Shawn defends Belle when things get heated between her and Lucas. Chloe goes to Rex and Sarah's engagement party with some big news. Bonnie puts Mimi and Rex in a tight spot.

General Hospital

Kevin feels hopeful. Michael and Sonny meet for a drink together. Curtis receives some upsetting news. Sonny comes up with a plan. Laura and Carly agree to a pact. Anna seeks help. Mac and Felicia do their best to help Laura. Ryan has his eyes on Ava. Franco organizes a Halloween party for the children. Jordan and Curtis discuss wedding plans. Michael bonds with Chase over Nelle. Carly struggles with the damage that was done to her at Ferncliff. Ava defends the decision she made.

The Young and the Restless

Jack insists that his family come together and Billy and Kyle reluctantly agree. Kyle tries to repair things with Lola, but she insists she's not interested in dating him because she believes he's still hung up on Summer. Kyle then confronts Summer, saying he's staying true to Lola and won't let her get in the way. Lola witnesses the confrontation and is touched by his words, so she gives him another chance. Tessa and Mariah get matching tattoos to symbolize their relationship. Mariah soon tells Tessa that she loves her back. Devon turns to Sharon for help saving Lily from her situation. Sharon advocates on Lily's behalf, but it's not enough. She encourages Devon to focus on ways he and the family can support Lily. Meanwhile, Cane asks the kids to write a letter to Lily. Sharon is torn between her growing attraction to Rey and Nick's constant reminder of their past together. Nick invites Sharon along on a family trip to the pumpkin patch.