Recaps for the week of October 22 - 26

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Lucas Adams stars in "Days of Our Lives"

Lucas Adams stars in "Days of Our Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope and Liam share a tender moment as they learn the gender of their unborn baby. Ridge and Thorne have a heated confrontation with Bill, which turns into an all-out brawl. Soon thereafter, Bill's life hangs in the balance as the result of the fight. When Quinn makes a comment about Pam's unstable past, Pam asks Quinn not to ruin her wedding. Ridge and Thorne defend themselves to Brooke and Katie about their role in Bill's fall. Danny introduces Quinn to Tyler and Brett, who brought gifts to Forrester Creations for her. Liam talks to his unconscious father, while Det. Sanchez grills Ridge and Thorne. Quinn gets into some trouble when Pam escalates their argument about Stephanie's portrait. Eric faces his own feelings when he is forced to mediate between Quinn and Pam. Katie asks Thorne what he will tell Will if Bill dies. Thorne then sneaks into Bill's hospital room.

Days of Our Lives

Things get out of hand at Xander's warehouse. Eric and Brady try everything they can to save Nicole's life. Sami finds the mystery patient and takes him to a hospital. Mimi finally reveals the true identity of baby Bonnie's father. Eric receives heartbreaking news about Nicole. Chad and JJ beg Abigail to get treatment. Paul becomes suspicious when he hears Will on the phone with Sonny. Abigail confronts Kate about helping Gabi. Abigail turns to help from an unlikely source after hearing that Chad wants her committed. Lani feels jealous when she finds out that Eli and Sheila are living together. Sheila has a confrontation with Abe. John seeks Roman's help in getting rid of Hattie. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Hattie get drunk and catch up with one another. Mimi is reunited with Rex. Chloe accuses Belle of siding with Mimi.

General Hospital

Carly opens up to Stella some more. Alexis does her best to help Kristina. Josslyn puts her plan in motion. Drew fills Elizabeth in. Kristina gets some help from Jason. Sam gives out some advice. Cameron is confronted by Oscar. Kim visits Sam. Sonny goes to see Charlie. Julian offers help to Kim. Finn gets a pleasant surprise. Sam leaves town. Carly is surprised.

The Young and the Restless

Kyle is floored when he finds paperwork in the CEO office that John left for Ashley. Kyle believes this could destroy the company, so he decides to destroy the document. Dina wants to be a good mother to Ashley and she becomes upset when Kyle won't give her the contract. Billy is attracted to the commotion, but Kyle covers and sends him away. Jack arrives just in time to see Kyle trying to shred the document. Billy shares a moment with Victoria over their shared dislike of Phyllis. Meanwhile, Jack and Phyllis's friendship grows stronger as he supports her through her breakup. Phyllis insists she doesn't deserve Jack's kindness because of how she treated him in the past. Nick tries to build a new life with Christian but holds out hope that he can mend things with Sharon. Seeing Rey as a threat, Nick visits him at the station. Nick tells Rey to back off of Sharon and that if he really cares about her he'll let her reunite with her family. Rey tries to put some distance between himself and Sharon. After a while, Sharon figures out what happened and Rey admits that Nick told him to stay away. A furious Sharon goes to confront Nick and tells him he doesn't control her life. Sharon is horrified when Mariah admits to feeling like she's being followed and everyone involved become stressed about the blackmailer. Nikki sends the money after Sharon insists she needs to protect her daughter.