Recaps for the week of May 8 - 12

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Jordi Vilasuso as seen in "Days of Our Lives"

Jordi Vilasuso as seen in "Days of Our Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge wants Brooke to confirm once and for all that she's truly over him before she marries Bill. Liam finds out about the deal Bill is making regarding the Spectra building. Sally is given a plea bargain for her release that includes a long list of stipulations. Bill aims to gain ownership of the Spectra Fashions building by the end of the day so he can start planning his wedding to Brooke. As the Spectra staff packs up the office, Sally considers leaving Los Angeles for good. Steffy reveals to Thomas that Bill was behind their competition's poor review, which Thomas passes on to Sally. Thomas offers to help Sally get her company back on its feet, which concerns Steffy. Despite his defeat, Bill swears that he will one day own the Spectra building. Ridge invites Coco back to Forrester Creations, and gives Zende a chance to design. Thomas invites Sally back to his loft for the first time. Bill informs Ridge about Thomas coming to Sally's aid, which angers Ridge.

Days of Our Lives

Deimos swears that he's going to get Nicole back, and Eric gets a lead on where she might be. Dario invites Abigail out to dinner with him. The sight of Abigail, Dario and Thomas together makes Chad's blood boil. Chad prepares to travel to Greece to retrieve the amulet. Lani keeps her withdrawal symptoms hidden from JJ. Kayla informs Jade that she will no longer provide her with financial support. Sonny and Paul keep an eye on Deimos. Nicole gets a surprise visitor. Marlena is desperate to make contact with John as Brady's condition grows more serious. Gabi and Abe trick Eli and Valerie in the hopes that the two will work through their issues. Eric tries to help Nicole escape. Hope and Andre try to keep Chad from laying his hands on the amulet. Theo is upset that Wyatt is using Ciara. Sonny and Paul plan to pursue Deimos to Greece. Chloe is upset by the state of Brady's health. Theo informs Wyatt that he doesn't support his relationship with Ciara.

General Hospital

Nelle is met with a happy surprise. Franco bails on his date with Liz. Ava is open about what she wants. Jason comes to a realization. Nathan ponders what the future may hold for him. Carly puts her trust in the wrong person. Nina questions Valentin's motives. Franco takes extreme action. Liz opens up to Kiki. Sonny is hit with some bad news. Nina drowns her sorrows. Curtis comes upon a discovery. Carly wants an explanation. Jordan seeks advice from Anna. Griffin surprises Hayden.

The Young and the Restless

Chelsea spots Jordan, and the two recognize each other from the past. Tessa urges Nikki to perform with her, and Nikki enjoys a positive response from the crowd. Devon calls Mariah to tell her they're going for a ride on his private jet, and Mariah gloats about it to Hilary. After a cozy ride on the jet, Mariah and Devon return to Devon's penthouse. Meanwhile, Hilary lets herself into the penthouse to retrieve some items she left behind. Victor tells Nikki that he is no longer writing his autobiography, and that he wants them to reconcile. Nikki learns that Tessa is living out of her car. Scott begrudgingly accepts an executive position at Newman Enterprises. Victor then informs Scott that his first assignment is to keep tabs on Abby. Kevin tells Chelsea that he is Bella's father. Later, an argument ensues when Chelsea asks Nick why he's so disinterested in helping her search for Chloe. Bill pitches filming a hockey commercial for DARE in L.A. Cane thinks it will cost too much, but Victoria is on board.