Recaps for the week of May 29 - June 2

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Lawrence Saint-Victor stars in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Lawrence Saint-Victor stars in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Saul is sure that he and Sally would make a great team, so he asks her to partner with him. Thomas receives a second chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his family. Thomas makes an effort to help repair the relationship between the Spectra sisters. When Quinn stands in the way of Katie's career goals, Katie threatens revenge. Saul becomes jealous and resentful when Thomas asserts himself as the new boss at Spectra Fashions. Ridge tries to calm Quinn down by suggesting a way to keep Katie quiet. Eric makes one final effort to convince Thomas to stay at Forrester Creations. When Katie learns that Ridge is now living at the Forrester mansion, she is consumed with suspicion. Thomas is met with mixed reviews in regards to his new business venture. Steffy confronts Sally and tells her that Spectra Fashions can never really be competition for Forrester Creations.

Days of Our Lives

Nicole and Eric return to Salem in disguise. Deimos is infuriated by Justin's news. The DNR orders on Brady's door upsets John. Chloe visits Brady, while Nicole makes a plea for Brady to live. Eric attempts to stall Chloe. Steve looks into a new threat against his sister. Adrienne confides in Kayla about her fears of being intimate with Lucas. Chad is caught in his lies. Abigail comes to understand helping Dario may be more complex than she thought. The police take Nicole into custody. While having a picnic on the island, Lani and JJ are unsettled by what they find. Eli assists Gabi in coming to terms with her feelings for Chad. Paul argues with Sonny about his obsession with Titan. Victor supports Justin and the board's decision to remove Deimos from Titan. Secretly, Jade decides to help Claire.

General Hospital

Jake takes a side. Anna has questions for Valentin about his motives. Dante arrives just in time. Sonny goes back and forth wondering if he should have done things differently. Nina is shaken. Curtis decides to take the high road. Kiki isn't sure how she should be feeling in her current situation, and later she begins to look for answers. Michael remains completely hopeful. Finn decides he's going to get back on the right track. A fast one is pulled over on Lulu. Amy wrestles with demons from her past.

The Young and the Restless

Chelsea goes to visit a psych hospital in Louisiana where Chloe had stayed and she meets with the hospital administrator, who resists her questions. As Chelsea begins to offer a bribe for information, she is shocked when Nick walks in. At the same time, Scott has questions for Victor about his search for Chloe. Victor lies by telling Scott that he a team looking for Chloe. Ashley tells Abby that she isn't upset with her for meeting with Dina and wants to meet with her as well. When Dina comes downstairs, Ashley invites her to a family dinner and she accepts. Ashley tells Jack she was motivated by his willingness to give Dina a chance. Dina tells Graham that she wants to spend more time in Genoa City, but Graham tells her that returning to Paris is part of their agreement. Victor assures Nikki that she will never give up on them and that she will see their relationship differently when things calm down. Hilary makes a crack about Mariah during an awkward run in with Devon. Though she still has feelings for Devon, Hilary pretends to be OK with him moving on with Mariah.