Recaps for the week of May 15 - 19

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Joshua Morrow as seen in "The Young and the Restless"

Joshua Morrow as seen in "The Young and the Restless"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge is much angrier about Sally being bailed than Thomas expected. Brooke witnesses Bill's ruthless side when he vows to put an end to Spectra Fashions for good. Quinn makes a final plea to Brooke to reconsider her feelings for Ridge before marrying Bill. RJ lets Coco know what his feelings are about Bill possibly becoming his step-father. Ridge offers Brooke something tantalizing in exchange for not marrying Bill. Quinn hopes to correct a mistake she made by placing a phone call. Separately, Ridge and Bill await Brooke's arrival, each hoping to be the one she chooses. Nicole and Zende face discouraging news about a mutual goal. Brooke is confident in her decision as to who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Before heading on a business trip to Paris, Maya and Rick ask Nicole and Zende for an important favor.

Days of Our Lives

Chad gets some upsetting news from Abigail while he's in Greece. Meanwhile, Abigail tries to explain her huge decision to Jennifer. Adrienne speaks with Tripp on Steve's behalf. Deimos's plan begins to fall apart when Xander gives a new list of demands. Gabi is stunned when she runs into Chad in Greece. After Chad confides in Gabi about the amulet, the two are held at knifepoint by a thief. Nicole reunites with Holly when she escapes to Eric's jet. After receiving surprising news, Dario asks Abigail for a favor. Xander and Eric go over their past as Xander devises a plan to find Nicole. Brady learns from Kayla that his condition is getting worse. Marlena and John share an emotional reunion. Lani tells Eli to fight for Gabi. Chloe finds a new job opportunity. Theo reveals the truth to Ciara. Kate becomes suspicious of Dario.

General Hospital

Valentin manages to rise to the challenge in front of him. Franco comes back. Julian finally gets a break. Michael comes across a shocking discovery. Anna finds herself a new ally. Liz remains hopeful. Anna manages to turn to the tables. Nina confides something in Andre. Bobbie only wants the absolute best for Carly. Robin senses that something isn't quite right. Nelle feels so alone. Hayden springs a trap. Anna is relieved when Nathan comes to her rescue. Lucy finds herself won over. Finn hurls accusations.

The Young and the Restless

Billy manages to convince Victoria to fast track their trip to L.A. despite Cane's hesitations. When Jordan is invited to go on the trip, he asks Hilary to join him. Phyllis tries to hide her disappointment when Billy informs her about his trip with Victoria. Victoria confides in Nikki the reasons she feels Billy and Phyllis are together. She tells her mom that her trip with Billy is her chance to make things right. When Scott tells Sharon he's wanted to kiss her for a while, Sharon confesses that she's not officially divorced yet. Scott charms Sharon by telling her he wants to get to know her as a person more. The two connect when Sharon tells Scott about her work at the crisis hotline. Ashley argues with Phyllis and tells her that she thinks Billy and Victoria will get back together during their trip. Abby tries confesses to Ashley that she reached out to Dina. Nick tells Sharon that she wishes Chlesea would give up looking for Chloe. Chelsea asks for Victor's help in tracking down Chloe, but Victor provides her with false information.