Recaps for the week of May 14-18

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Kristoff St. John stars in "The Young and the Restless"

Kristoff St. John stars in "The Young and the Restless"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge shares his suspicions about Bill Spencer to Brooke, and reveals that he thinks the man may be the driving force behind the latest disaster. Taylor comforts Steffy and seethes at Brooke's insensitivity towards her daughter. Wyatt threatens his father after he learns that Bill has been using him to get what he wants, and Ridge goes to Liam to convince him that he's being played for a fool by his father. Taylor confronts Brooke about the twisted knot of a situation with Steffy and Liam, and the two old nemeses start up again. Wyatt allows Katie to talk him into making a deal with Bill, but a deal with the devil himself is rarely a good thing. Bill reminds Steffy of the past that they share in an attempt to win her back, and Justin calls out Dollar Bill when his conscience gets the better of him.

Days of Our Lives

Victor brings a tempting offer to Brady in an effort to persuade him to not marry Eve. Lucas searches for Chloe, and asks Paul to help him find her. Now faced with an old adversary, Theresa deals with the devil in an attempt to secure her freedom, and is finally brought back to Salem by Xander. Inspired by the example set by Eve and Brady, John suggests something to Marlena that leads to the two of them making a big decision about the future of their relationship. Sonny is lured even deeper into Leo's trap, and Abigail disagrees with the legal advice being offered by Justin. Steve approaches Roman and secretly asks for a favor, and Leo's new boss surprises him. Gabi continues to be troubled by Abigail's actions, but Rafe and Justin bring her some good news. Stefan and Chad have a violent run-in, Rafe grants Hope her wish and Steve learns that there's a chance he can get his eyesight restored. Eve and JJ have an encounter that they didn't expect to have.

General Hospital

Dante and Michael enjoy a night out, and Dante later secures an advantage over Chase. Ava manages to wrest back a small piece of control and works on enticing Griffin. Stella tries to look on the bright side of the situation, but ends up horrified instead. Things may not look good for Carly, but Kim has a piece of good news that she's eager to share. Josslyn and Oscar connect with each other, but things look bad for Carly. Nelle lucks out, and Sonny becomes deeply troubled.

The Young and the Restless

Abby and Arturo have a frank talk about the messy history that she has with her relationships, and the two nearly share an intimate kiss before she pulls away. Lily announces that she will raise Sam as her own while at a family brunch, and the Ashby family toasts her. While the Abbott family celebrates, Jack arrives and cruelly tears into Dina, but later regrets his harsh words and apologizes after witnessing a tender moment between Dina and Traci. Sharon and Nick have troubles keeping their new status as "friends with benefits" a secret when other people begin to notice a change between them. Phyllis learns that Nick has been listening to police scanners for news about JT, and when he hears an alert about JT's phone being switched on, he immediately sets out to bring him to justice. Devon and Hilary celebrate Mother's Day, and the moments spent together begin binding them to each other romantically.