Recaps for the week of May 1 - 5

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Katherine Kelly Lang as seen in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Katherine Kelly Lang as seen in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Sally pleads with Thomas before she learns whether or not Forrester Creations will press charges against her. Saul's thoughts drift elsewhere as Shirley frets about the future of Spectra Fashions. Quinn experiences extreme anxiety due to Katie's presence at Forrester. Ridge struggles with guilt as Eric tries to help him win back Brooke's love. Zende makes a surprise confession to Nicole that he's never shared with anyone else. Sally is forced to tell her staff that Spectra is shutting their doors for good. At this news, Bill makes a deal with CJ to buy the Spectra building. After Zende returns from a meeting with Steffy feeling deflated, Nicole takes matters into her own hands. Sally goes to the judge's chambers for a pre-trial deposition. Brooke and Ridge share an awkward lunch at Il Giardino.

Days of Our Lives

Nicole and Holly find themselves in hot water. Sonny and Paul find an injured Brady. Kate attempts to convince Chad that Abigail is moving on with her life. The bond between Eli and Gabi grows. Lani meets with a drug dealer behind JJ's back. Chad refuses to give up on Abigail. Tripp starts to think Steve didn't kill Ava. Chad and Kate make plans to steal an antiquity that Deimos wants. Jennifer is thrilled when Eric asks her out on a date and she accepts. JJ rushes to save Lani from danger. Rafe brings Hope to a Hernandez family lunch. Julie clashes with Gabi. Marlena gets disturbing news about John. Nicole tries to escape her captor with Jolly. Brady tries to convince Eric to go on a rescue mission to find Nicole. Tripp has questions for Kayla about the day Ava died. Hope is sceptical of Ciara's new friend, Wyatt. Claire's music career comes to another dead end.

General Hospital

Jason gets hold of a piece of the puzzle. Liz and Franco become concerned. Tracy knows what she has to do. Carly immerses herself in her work, and Sonny tries to drink his troubles away at the Haunted Star. Ava arrives at the right place, at the right time. Lucy gets Dante to help her out, and Sonny entertains an enemy. Carly makes a bad judgment call. Nathan steps up, and Carly gets the feeling that something is not quite right. Amy rounds up help with the Nurses Ball. Brad sows the seeds of doubt. Ava makes a connection. Sonny gets his confidence back.

The Young and the Restless

Victor plans to donate money to GC Memorial to have a medical center named after Nikki. Victoria is unhappy about keeping a family secret from Billy, but Nikki tells her daughter there's a way to stop Billy asking questions. Nick is bothered when he finds out Victor invested $500,000 in Chelsea 2.0. When Chelsea questions him about it, Nick tells her to be wary of any gift from Victor. At the same time, Jack asks Nikki about what's going between her and Victor. Billy's dinner plans with Phyllis are set aside as Victoria plans a dinner for the Brash & Sassy crew. When Billy cancels on Phyllis, she tags along with Ashley and Ravi on their date when she learns they're going to the Top of the Tower. Meanwhile, Lily learns that Mariah and Devon are dating when she sees them together. Ashley goes over her insecurities about dating Ravi. Billy sneaks away to meet with Phyllis. Hilary declines Jordan's offer to take her home because she's too wrapped up in her jealousy regarding Devon being with Mariah.