Recaps for the week of March 13 - 17

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Freddie Smith as seen in "Days of Our Lives"

Freddie Smith as seen in "Days of Our Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

When Katie suggests to Brooke that Ridge is possibly having an affair with Quinn, Brooke tells her that the she is just trying to get revenge for Brooke stealing Bill months prior. Meanwhile, Quinn has a hard time concentrating at work as she's consumed with the thought of her and Ridge being caught. Steffy, Liam and the wedding party head to Australia for the wedding. While preparing for the flight, Bill and Katie question one another. Katie keeps a watchful eye on Ridge and Quinn. Thomas visits Sally and invites her to Australia to be his date for the wedding. Sally thinks over Thomas's offer and she decides to go and ends up catching a budget flight. During her flight, Sally has Matt & Kieran for seat mates. When Katie witnesses Ridge and Quinn sitting together, she tries hard to find any clues that would confirm her suspicions.

Days of Our Lives

Deimos makes one final heartfelt plea to Nicole. Eric plans to return to Salem. Chad and Gabi share memories from high school. Dario finds himself even more drawn to Abigail. Nicole hides with Holly. Victor isn't pleased that Brady has gotten caught up in Nicole's drama again. Sonny tells Paul he needs incriminating evidence against Deimos. With Kate's help, Justin and Lucas treat Adrienne to some pampering. Chad and Abigail hold a press conference to to talk about the Salem High charity event. Julie organizes a Horton gathering to welcome Eli into the family. Ciara reveals to Claire that she has feelings for Theo. Hope is in for a surprise. Joey tries to let Jade down gently. Steve and Kayla get information about Ava's son. Abigail comes across Chad and Gabi during an awkward moment. Brady prepares to take Nicole and Holly to Canada. Jennifer and Eric share a kiss. Kate blasts Chloe and Eduardo when she sees them together.

General Hospital

Carly seeks revenge after Ava adds fuel to her fire. Later, Ava feels incredibly guilty. Dante helps calm an escalating situation, and encourages Sonny to change his ways. Helena's influence on Jake leaves Liz struggling to cope. Everything finally catches up with Finn. Laura issues a warning to Valentin. Liz's gift moves Sam. During a therapy session, Franco learns some troubling information. Curtis is unsure of Andre's motivations. Kiki seeks out Dillon for comfort. Alexis is afraid the worst is going to happen, and later, she mulls over her feelings for Julian.

The Young and the Restless

Sharon tells Faith and Nick that she's enrolled in courses at Genoa City University and they react with feelings of pride. Chelsea thinks about telling Nick the truth about Christian's paternity, but decides against it. Later, Victor meets with Chelsea and demands she keep the secret. Juliet offers to be a tour guide for Cane for the evening in Tokyo. Excited about the evening, Cane puts off calling Lily. Meanwhile, Lily does a personal appearance at a bridal fair at the GCAC. Jordan comes to Lily's rescue when an over-eager fan corners her. Michael tells Hilary the judge won't sign the divorce papers until the financial arrangements with Devon are finalized. Victor complains about having to spend an evening with the Abbotts during a charity opera benefit. Ravi offers to take Jack's place when he can't make it to the benefit. Neil offers to lend Colin money if he leaves town. When Jack returns, he is impressed with how Gloria held down the fort at Jabot.