Recaps for the week of June 5 - 9

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Martha Madison as seen in "Days of Our Lives"

Martha Madison as seen in "Days of Our Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

As Katie anxiously waits for word on her proposed jewelry designs, Eric discusses with Quinn what the concerns are. Rick finds that he can't shake an upsetting interaction with a family member. Quinn receives a dose of her own medicine when she is on the other side of a serious threat. The issue of parenting becomes a contentious subject of discussion within a dysfunctional family. Ivy is unsuccessful in her attempt to reason with an irrational Katie about her suspicion. Quinn confesses to Ridge her fears about returning to work. The rivalry between Quinn and Katie reaches a new and dangerous height. The timing is terrible when Carter presents Rick with a legal matter. Thomas tries his best to mediate between a feuding Steffy and Sally during lunch. Katie has to respond to serious allegations made by Quinn to the police.

Days of Our Lives

The bond between Chad and Gabi continues to grow. JJ and Lani learn some upsetting news about the island. Abigail requests that Raines look further into Dario's story. Kate makes a stunning move. There is panic among the castaways when they realize that Eli is missing. Gabi gets knocked unconscious. As Hope questions Myron, she becomes more suspicious of Dario. John prepares to say goodbye to Marlena as he is summoned to return to his ISA mission. Sonny is concerned for Paul's safety. Claire becomes infuriated when she finds out what Jade has done. Julie is upset about Eli so she lashes out at Valerie. Justin must deliver the news to Adrienne that Sonny's plane has gone missing.

General Hospital

Carly goes to find Jason, while Sonny remains confident that things will somehow work themselves out. Valentin begins playing a brand new game. Laura receives a visit that comes as a surprise. A fateful decision is made by Julian. Over a bottle of scotch, Jason and Sonny commiserate. Valentin's past finally catches up with him. Finn suffers yet another setback. A surprise visitor comes to Curtis. Carly seeks out the help of an unlikely ally. Anna receives some news that unsettles her. Kiki is in such a state that she lashes out at Dillon. Kiki prepares for the worst on the advice from Monica. Hayden finds herself at a complete loss. Dante searches high and low for answers.

The Young and the Restless

Telling Phyllis he wants to make the most of each day with her, Billy asks her to move in with him and she accepts. At the GCAC, Ashley questions Graham as to what he is to Dina. Graham says he is Dina's protector in business and personal matters and assures her he's not taking advantage. When Ashley asks if Dina is ill, Graham tells her she's not dying, just that she's aware of her mortality. Later, Dina says she doesn't want to leave when she finds Graham packing up her things. Victor tells Abby he wants to bring the incubator to Newman, but Abby is concerned as to how Jack will take the news. Mattie goes to Chancellor Park to study and comes across Reed practicing his guitar. When Reed invites her to open mic night, Mattie says she likely can't make it and rushes home. At home, Lily asks Mattie about her day and she says she met someone. Lauren tells Sharon that she's worried about her dating Scott because of her complicated past, but Sharon defends their relationship. Gloria overhears and warns Lauren that opposing their relationship will just push Scott and Sharon closer together.