Recaps for the week of June 3 - 7

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Linsey Godfrey stars in "Days of Our Lives"

Linsey Godfrey stars in "Days of Our Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Xander is shocked when he finds out that Beth is alive. He blasts Zoe and Flo for keeping the secret and keeping a mother from her child. After Thomas encourages Steffy to think about what she really wants, Steffy thinks back on her memories with Liam. Flo feels she's the one to blame when she learns that Hope and Liam are ending their marriage. Ridge acts as devil's advocate with Brooke. Flo pleads with Hope to take Liam back without explaining why. Carter meets with Hope to discuss the annulment. Zoe worries that Xander will reveal the truth about Beth. Wyatt is there for Liam during a difficult time. Thomas tries to push back against Carter when he gives Hope advice. Liam confronts Thomas about his manipulations. Hope expresses her love to Liam, but still urges him to end their marriage. Xander surprises Hope and Liam by barging in and saying he has something important to tell them. Zoe and Flo realize they are forever bonded by their lie. Thomas continues to manipulate everyone around him.

Days of Our Lives

Nicole points the finger at Eric for attacking her. Maggie bonds with an unexpected person. Julie confronts Jack and Eve. Stefan tears into Gabi for causing his breakup with Chloe. Claire is fearful as she realizes the walls are closing in. Ben has an epiphany. Jack has a deal to offer JJ. Will and Sonny struggle with the idea of Will's mortality. Ben searches for Claire. Meanwhile, Claire goes into a rage and tries to kill Haley and Tripp. John fills Sonny in about his suspicions of Eve. Eli and Lani break up.

General Hospital

Curtis is ready to risk everything. Franco pays a visit to Kiki's grave. Alexis gives a serious warning. Stella pleads her case. Kevin manages to pull a fast one. Carly goes to Morgan's grave. Julian goes to extremes to protect his family. Harmony and Willow have a confrontation. Lucas confesses something. Jordan thinks about Ryan. Carly agrees to a truce. Margaux can't be swayed. Liz does what she can to raise everyone's spirits. Nina and Maxie concoct a plan. Shasha and Michael make a date.

The Young and the Restless

Lauren issues a warning to Phyllis that she must shut down her site. The team at Jabot gather together to celebrate the launch of Jabot Collective. Phyllis gets drunk, crashes the party and tells everyone there that they will pay dearly for crossing her. Rey has questions for Sharon about her growing closeness to Adam. Sharon responds to Rey that he has nothing to worry about, but Rey tells her he fears that Adam will take advantage of her kindness. At the same time, Adam becomes more determined that ever to take charge and reclaim his own life. Adam's determination is further fueled when Victor advises caution and urges his son to proceed slowly. Summer grows closer with Theo at Society and their night ends with a passionate kiss. Kyle struggles to hide his feelings about Summer having a new man in her life already. Nikki grows suspicious when she finds out that Victor has been secretly meeting with Nate. Billy and Victoria invite family and friends to be a part of their commitment ceremony at Society.