Recaps for the week of June 19 - 23

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Rebecca Budig as seen in "General Hospital"

Rebecca Budig as seen in "General Hospital"

The Bold and the Beautiful

The relationship between Quinn and Ridge changes when Quinn makes a shocking confession. Rick is unable to keep things from Maya, so he tells her about the urgent family issue Carter brought to his attention. Carter then tells Julius about Rick and Maya's legal problem. Nicole has a hard time following through on a promise she made to a family member. Nicole feels misunderstood, and she lashes out at Rick. Thomas quickly learns the difference between working at Spectra instead of Forrester. Julius surprises Maya when he tells her how he thinks the current family situation should play out. Nicole and Zende have their first big disagreement as a married couple. A long-time enemy puts Brooke on the spot with an unconvincing apology. Quinn and Ridge are provided with assurance that their affair of the heart will not be revealed to Eric. 

Days of Our Lives

Steve has shocking news for Adrienne, and Tripp comes up with a plan to frame Kayla. JJ and Lani walk in on Chad and Gabi in a compromising position. Paul gets Eli to agree to something extreme. Nicole finds out that Chloe is moving to New York. Steve confronts Jade and Tripp about what they have in store for Kayla. Jennifer finds Eric's letters to Nicole. Hope and Rafe begin to close in on Deimos. Nicole and Brady are thrown by Chloe's decision. Chad finds out that Abigail plans to marry Dario. Deimos has a physical confrontation with Sonny. Gabi and Andre have a tense encounter. Victor hands the reins over to Sonny. After talking to Marlena, Claire returns Ciara's letter to Theo. Julie gives Eli a gift. Nicole and Brady's family time with Holly is cut short. Eric tells Marlena about the situation with Jennifer and Nicole. Sonny makes a big, unpopular, move at Titan. Deimos is out for revenge.

General Hospital

Nina rescues Nelle, while Josslyn goes through a rebellion. Julian receives an offer. Sam gets some promising news. Nelle's luck changes. Nathan draws the line. Painful memories arise from a friendly game. Laura clears up confusion. TJ's secret is brought to light. Jason's timing is spot on. TJ has to do some major damage control. Josslyn finds herself way in over her head and she ends up lying to Bobbie. Nelle at last finds some happiness. Kiki provides some needed comfort to Ava.

The Young and the Restless

Neil tells Lily that Hilary was pushing Juliet to sue Brash & Sassy for sexual harassment and Lily is hopeful that the case will be dropped. Meanwhile, Cane defends himself to Victoria and Billy, but Billy is skeptical of Cane's innocence. Lily visits Hilary at GC Buzz to confront her about manipulating Juliet. Later, Hilary tells Juliet that she will not be testifying on her behalf. Phyllis tells Billy that she thinks he enjoys it when Victoria leans to much on him. Billy tells her things will calm down after the lawsuit. Cane and Lily inform Charlie and Mattie about the lawsuit. Devon tells Hilary that he's tired of her attacks against Lily. Hilary admits that she's struggling to find her moral compass since the divorce. Sharon observes Zack at Crimson Lights, which makes her uncomfortable. Zack makes a phone call telling the person on the other end to speed things up. Zack charms Abby and she agrees to another date so they can test their dating app. Ravi agrees to help Ashley get information on Graham. Ashley tells Ravi that Jack has a plan to split Dina and Graham up.