Recaps for the week of June 12 - 16

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Tracey Bregman and John McCook as seen in "The Young and the Restless"

Tracey Bregman and John McCook as seen in "The Young and the Restless"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie does her best to try to convince the police that she is not responsible for what has been going on at the Forrester mansion. Steffy tells Sally that she thinks she's using Thomas for her own financial and personal gain. Brooke has an awkward encounter with Ridge after she returns from her honeymoon. Quinn is disturbed by recent events and is still not convinced she's out of harm's way. Ridge tries to comfort Quinn, and tells her their secret remains safe. Liam tries to stop Bill from continuing his mission to gain the Spectra building as his own. Brooke is shocked when Ridge brings up an almost forgotten memory from their past. Eric is determined to get to the truth about the threat against Quinn. People begin talking when word gets around about the incident at the Forrester mansion. Quinn learns that her past misdeeds really do have consequences.

Days of Our Lives

Steve finds some information on Adrienne's competitor. Tripp makes a plan to punish Kayla for Ava's death. Chloe surprises everyone when she shows up at Nicole's hearing, and her fate is ultimately decided. Hope and Abe make a stunning discovery. An unlikely couple ties the knot. Gabi and Chad discuss where they're going romantically. JJ tells Sonny that desperate measures may be need to bring down Paul. Soon, Sonny tries to get through to Paul. Jade is forced to make a confession. Gabi and Chad start to think they might spend the rest of their lives on the island. Dario asks Abigail to get a fast divorce. Eric and Jennifer's date doesn't go quite as planned.

General Hospital

Scotty is concerned about what his fate will be. Sonny confides something to Laura. Jordan asks TJ for a favor. Sam finds herself on the edge. Anna pays a visit to Lulu. Amy asks someone for a favor. Jason gets a step ahead of an enemy. Liz does everything she can to keep Jake safe. Nathan gets some perspective. Jason finally learns the truth. Lulu and Dante find they are in over their heads. Kevin takes Laura away somewhere. A decision is come to by Ned and Olivia. Griffin goes to visit Sonny. Ava is absolutely crushed by what she witnesses.

The Young and the Restless

Scott tells Victor he's not challenged in his position and wants to resign. Victor tells Scott he purchased a media company called Hashtag for him to run, and Scott accepts. Abby asks Jack to sell her back his share of the incubator company and promises a new lab for Ashley. Victor tells Ashley she shouldn't trust Graham. Jack opens up to Nikki about his issues with Dina and the two bond. Sharon asks Mariah to spy on Tessa because she doesn't trust her with Noah's heart. When Lily talks to Neil about Juliet's lawsuit, Neil asks her if she believes what Cane is telling her. Leslie meets with Hilary and reveals that Brash & Sassy has filed to dismiss Juliet's suit. Hilary assures Leslie that Juliet is telling the truth when her credibility is called in to question. Reed asks Mattie for her number when he runs into her at Chancellor Park. A tense moment arises when Nick sees Billy having a good time with Phyllis at the Underground. Chelsea intervenes by asking Billy to join her for a drink while Phyllis confronts Nick about his behavior. Juliet refuses when Cane shows up at her suite and begs her to drop her lawsuit.