Recaps for the week of July 31 - August 4

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Kristian Alfonso stars in "Days of Our Lives"

Kristian Alfonso stars in "Days of Our Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

The world waits anxiously as Bill holds the results as to who won the fashion challenge between Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions. A call from Caroline and Douglas changes the entire course of Thomas's life. Katie and Wyatt push the boundaries of their attraction to one another. Nicole decides to skip out on a party that celebrates Zende's accomplishments, and he is hurt by it. Quinn is over the moon when Eric calls her and tells her he's ready to come home. Katie tells Wyatt about her suspicions regarding Maya and Zende. Quinn's world is completely rocked when Eric makes an announcement about their marriage. Katie becomes uncomfortable when Wyatt broaches their flirtations in Monte Carlo. It isn't long before Wyatt becomes excited about the opportunity of a new relationship when he is asked to go out on a date. Ridge becomes very defensive when Steffy confronts him about what his intentions are toward Quinn.

Days of Our Lives

Abigail becomes hurt when she saves Chad's life. Marlena gets into deep trouble. John and Paul come up with a strategy regarding Victor. Steve becomes suspicious that Tripp set Kayla up at the hospital. Chad, Jennifer and JJ keep vigil over Abigail. Hope and Rafe search for Dario. Roman begins to wonder if Eric once again has feelings for Nicole. Brady becomes upset by a conversation he overhears between Nicole and Maggie. Gabi tells Chad that Abigail's marriage to Dario was for green card purposes. Jennifer and JJ wait for news about Abigail. Marlena is in a familiar place. Abigail makes it through surgery, but she is not out of the woods yet. Chad tells Andre that he intends to turn himself over to the police once Abigail pulls through. Tripp is more determined than ever to make Kayla pay. Brady is suspicious about Eric and Nicole rekindling their romance. Eric provides comfort to Jennifer. Gabi hears Chad declare his love for Abigail. Tripp accuses Kayla of killing Ava. Brady gets upset when Nicole lies to him.

General Hospital

Sonny starts to lose hope. Nina finds herself getting defensive. Nathan issues a serious warning. Carly has some strong words for Jordan. Avery is completely unable to be consoled. Ava goes to great lengths to hide her appearance. Griffin is optimistic, but cautiously so. Oscar offers his support. Nelle receives a gift, which she scrutinizes. Valentin must deal with an intruder. Julian tries to lift Ava's mood. Carly looks for Michael. Dante provides some help to Carly. Sam finds herself struggling with reality. Ava receives a proposal that could change her future.

The Young and the Restless

Devon and Neil celebrate the opening of their new office in the GCAC, but Neil worries that Devon will be distracted working where Hilary lives. Devon assures Neil he has no lingering feelings for Hilary. Sharon asks Paul for details on the search for Crystal. Later, Crystal calls Sharon and tells her she ran away, but the call is disconnected before Sharon finds out anything more. Abby and Zack continue to connect personally and professionally, and they share their first kiss. Ashley arrives and tells Abby it's clear she has chemistry with Zack. Abby admits she's afraid to be vulnerable after the way her marriage ended. Paul encourages Lauren to give Sharon a chance, so she invites Sharon and Scott to dinner. Abby tells Victor about her odd conversation with Victoria. Ashley shares with Jack that she thinks Dina is depressed after the Mergeron sale. Ashley then warns Jack to tread lightly in his relationship with Nikki.