Recaps for the week of July 3 - 7

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Olivia Rose Keegan stars in "Days of Our Lives"

Olivia Rose Keegan stars in "Days of Our Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas and Sally find a way to make waves at the Forrester Creations swimwear photo shoot. Quinn and Ridge consider coming clean to Eric about their affair. Thomas announces to the media that he is challenging Forrester to a fashion challenge in Monte Carlo, which Steffy accepts on behalf of the company. Coco worries her job may be in trouble due to her sister's latest antics. Ridge reminds Quinn of the consequences of telling Eric the truth. Bill takes a day off work to spend time with Brooke. Bill keeps asking Brooke why she broke off her engagement to Ridge. RJ surprises Coco with a date night, but their night takes a turn for the worse when a text message comes in. Ridge is stunned when Eric says something he never thought would come out of his father's mouth. Katie has some words of advice for Quinn about what to do about Eric, Ridge and Sheila.

Days of Our Lives

JJ gets charged with murder. Sonny has a memory that stuns him. Jennifer asks Chad to stop Abigail from marrying Dario. Meanwhile, Dario asks Abigail to get married right away. Soon, Chad and Gabi become witnesses to Dario and Abigail's last-minute wedding. Nicole is caught in a lie. Joey confesses something to Tripp about Ava. At the same time, Tripp keeps making trouble for Kayla and she finds herself in trouble at work. Rafe plans a surprise for Hope. Claire wants to get back together with Theo. Maggie offers Theo advice about his future. Rafe is thrown for a loop by Hope's response to his big question. Marlena hypnotizes Lani so she can retrieve her memories from the night Deimos was murdered. Consumed with guilt, Sonny makes a confession to Paul, and he is soon faced with a difficult decision. Lucas confronts Kate regarding her marriage to Andre.

General Hospital

Sam's health is an issue. Sonny tells Jason what his plans are. Curtis reconciles with Jordan. Valentin calls Nina. Andre seeks out Anna for comfort. A health crisis prompts Jordan to make a sacrifice. Sam misleads Jason. Olivia completely misreads a situation. Carly has a warning for Joss. Monica ends up saving the day. Nina believes there may be more to the story than initially thought. 

The Young and the Restless

Victor asks Tessa where Nikki is, but Tessa insists she's not holding back any details about Nikki's disappearance. Tessa accepts when Victor requests that she perform before Nikki at the benefit as the opening act. Jack and Ashley have questions for Dina about her deal with Graham. In reception, Gloria flirts with Graham. Dina tells Jack and Ashley that they need to accept that fact that Graham is in her life. Neil and Devon get ready to attend the Fourth of July party, which they are sponsoring. Neil cautions Devon not to put too much faith in Hilary. At the party, Jordan apologizes to Hilary for their argument. Hilary is still concerned about Jordan's need to protect her, but they decide to put their issues aside and enjoy the party. Noah tells Tessa that he wants to take things slowly, as he's still getting over his breakup with Marisa. Scott arrives with Sharon, and he teases Abby for not having a date. Noah tells Devon that he and Nick are looking into the idea of opening a chain of bars like The Underground. Michael tells Esther that Kevin did not board his flight to Tahiti. At the same time, Kevin tells Dr. Harris that he and Chloe should return to Genoa City.