Recaps for the week of July 24 - 28

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Darin Brooks as seen in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Darin Brooks as seen in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill pulls out all the stops to ensure Caroline gets back together with Thomas. Sheila uses Eric's anger in an attempt to gain his trust. Caroline experiences doubts about going along with Bill's plan to reunite her with Thomas. Ridge insists that Steffy tell him where Eric is. Eric unleashes all of his hurt and anger on Ridge after years of dealing with betrayal and mistreatment. Brooke talks to RJ and Coco about the serious dangers of distracted driving. Sheila is pleased to be the only one Eric confides in and trusts. Bill manipulates Thomas regarding his emotions about Caroline and Douglas while on the plane to Monte Carlo. Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions engage in a fashion showdown for charity. Sally is worried about Thomas being distracted and not enthusiastic about the competition.

Days of Our Lives

A pair of troublemakers make plans for revenge. John and Paul question Xander more. Eric tells Jennifer about Brady's ulterior motive. Nicole finds out what Eric's secret is and she soon comes to a decision about him. Abigail and Theo race to protect Chad. Chad admits that he lied to Gabi about Abigail. Jennifer confronts Brady about him using her to keep Nicole and Eric apart. Chad and Gabi get into a fight. Abe is upset to learn that Theo has been working for DiMera Enterprises. Steve distracts Kayla with a romantic evening. Gabi is shocked to learn her brother has been arrested. Steve helps Kayla pack her office up. Chad, Abigail and Dario have a confrontation. Steve comes to a surprising realization about Tripp. Chad demands that Abigail tell him why she's leaving town with Dario. Marlena's plan takes a stunning turn. An attempt is made on someone's life.

General Hospital

Jason seeks out the truth. Dante finally gets a break. Sam and Sonny have a confrontation. Anna has some big news to share. Nathan's column strikes close to home and he soon receives a welcome surprise. Laura finds herself with a full plate. Obrecht wants to get revenge. Griffith is concerned about Scout's health. Garvey manages to cover his tracks. Liz is held captive. Alexis races toward General Hospital. Olivia Jerome's actions haunt Port Charles. Garvey is very pleased with himself.

The Young and the Restless

Billy tells Phyllis he needs to get back to the office to help Victoria when Phyllis asks him to spend the day with her. Lily arrives at Brash & Sassy and asks if she can seek additional modeling work since she's the sole breadwinner in the family. At Jabot, Phyllis tells Jack that Billy has been working long hours since Victoria fired Cane. Lily admits to Neil that she still loves Cane, but doesn't want to rush into any big decisions. Later, Lily pulls away when Cane tries to pull her into a kiss. Devon invites Mariah to a music festival in San Francisco and they invite Tess and Noah to join them. Neil tells Cane he won't be offering him a position at Hamilton-Winters. Soon after, Cane meets with Jack to discuss a possible position and offers to share Brash & Sassy's secrets if he gets the job. Graham invites Gloria to lunch. Sharon receives a call at the crisis center from a young woman who tells her she is being forced to work as an escort. Ashley invites Dina and Abby to a day at the spa. Nick and Noah discuss ways to expand The Underground. Reed gives Mattie a goodnight kiss after walking her home from their date.