Recaps for the week of July 23 - 27

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Thorsten Kaye stars in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Thorsten Kaye stars in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill proposes to Steffy after he shows her incriminating evidence he staged against Liam and Hope. Xander tells Ridge about his past with Zoe. Steffy hunts for Liam after she sees the picture of him with Hope at the fashion show. Steffy soon finds Liam and Hope in a compromising position and she feels betrayed. Bill speculates to Justin as to what will happen between Steffy, Liam and Hope. Ridge and Brooke differ in the their opinions about their daughters and Liam. Steffy looks for Bill, prepared to make a deal that will give her more power in her life. Liam frantically worries about where Steffy is. Justin tells Steffy and Bill the agreement they are about to enter into isn't a good idea. Ridge questions why Brooke went to see Liam. Meanwhile, Brooke tells Liam that he shouldn't be ashamed of loving Hope. After their deal is finalized, Bill offers to drive Steffy home to help her confront Liam. Steffy tells Liam that she only turned to his father because of the hurt Hope and Liam caused. Brooke urges Ridge to take a different tone with Hope. Wyatt is shocked about Bill and Steffy. Liam asks Steffy for something that she may be unable to give.

Days of Our Lives

Stefan emotionally appeals to Abigail to keep her baby. Gabi tells JJ about the losses she suffered in prison. Sonny and Chad argue about running Titan. Jennifer tries to use her skills to clear JJ's name. Abigail confesses to Chad that she's pregnant with Stefan's child. Hope and Rafe are shocked by Ciara's move to help Ben. Claire hints to Tripp that Ciara may have feelings for Ben. Kayla and Steve hope for the best after his surgery. Chad and Stefan come to blows. Abigail questions Gabi's motives. Will shows Sonny the anonymous letter that implies the author knows they killed Leo. Kate lashes out at Ted for representing Ben. Ted asks Sonny if he had anything to do with Leo's disappearance. Steve and Kayla celebrate a big milestone. Marlena and John make a special request of Eric and Brady. Will gets another cryptic note. Eve runs into Ben. Victor tells Eve that Jennifer is approaching the truth. Jennifer discusses with Brady what she's uncovered. Tripp asks Ciara bluntly if she's interested in Ben.

General Hospital

Nina takes advice from Alexis. Finn has reason to worry. Nelle turns to Chase. Nina wonders about a sudden change in her luck. Sonny remains cautious. Josslyn confides in Nelle. Alexis sets up a meeting. Carly can't figure out a situation. Sonny confronts Kevin. Ava offers congratulations to Michael. Sonny tries to figure out how things got out of hand. Jason's hand is forced.

The Young and the Restless

Phyllis is upset after her fight with Billy and she finds comfort in her friendship with Jack, who offers relationship advice. Phyllis decides to give Billy another chance, but she's heartbroken when she tracks him down at the GCAC to find him gambling again. Nick finds that Sharon has removed her engagement ring and taken off, and he worries she will call off the wedding. Nick runs into Phyllis at the bar and they find comfort in one another's problems. Nick reconciles with Sharon, but when Phyllis tries to reunite with Billy, he gets angry and says he has to decide if their relationship is right for him. Billy and Ashley continue to fight for control at Jabot and Billy sends Ashley to an international conference to keep her out of the way. Ashley asks Kyle to spy on Billy during her absence. Mariah is heartbroken when she sees Tessa with another woman and assumes she is cheating. When Mariah confronts her, Tessa explains that she was meeting with a woman who helped her find her sister.