Recaps for the week of July 17 - 21

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Michelle Stafford as seen in "General Hospital"

Michelle Stafford as seen in "General Hospital"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Quinn regrets how she left things with Eric, especially knowing he's under Sheila's influence. Steffy interrogates Eric as to why he left Quinn and is in a hotel room with Sheila. Eric pleads with Steffy to keep his whereabouts a secret. Caroline asks Bill to help her win Thomas back. Ridge reveals a portion of the truth about his recent interactions with Quinn to Steffy. Sally expresses her concern to Thomas that Caroline is back in his life. Bill tells Thomas all the reasons he should leave Sally and Spectra Fashions and return to Caroline and Douglas. Steffy goes to the mansion to confront Quinn about hurting Eric. Sally invites Caroline to lunch to remind her that Thomas is taken. The teams of both Spectra Fashions and Forrester Creations prepare for the competition in Monte Carlo. Bill comes up with a plan to get rid of Sally once and for all, with the motives of helping Caroline and building his skyscraper.

Days of Our Lives

Marlena hypnotizes Sonny in order to recover his memories from the night Deimos was murdered. Hope and Rafe receive the DNA test results. Abigail implores Andre to help her find out more about Dario's illegal dealings and she soon finds out his secret with Theo's help. Eli surprises Lani with an offering. Adrienne and Jennifer make one final pitch to save the paper. A surprise guest visits Anjelica. Steve is closing in on proving that someone is setting Kayla up at the hospital. Dario turns the tables on Abigail when she confronts him. Lucas becomes jealous when he finds Justin comforting Adrienne. Paul makes an urgent request of John. Kate and Andre have a major confrontation. Abigail and Chad's feelings for one another resurface. Hope, Lani and Eli zero in on Dario. JJ runs into Chad and warns him not to cause his sister any more pain. A new suspect in Deimos's murder is identified. Hope tells Rafe the truth about Dario.

General Hospital

Laura faces tough truths about Charlotte. Curtis experiences guilt and he soon learns what it means to make a difficult sacrifice. Griffin has some good news. Spencer actually makes matters worse. Nina has an important decision to make. Finn looks to the future with Hayden. Joss feels as though she is responsible. Alexis struggles with conflicting feelings. Lucy tracks down Finn. Sam heads toward Julian. Nathan is forced to call Nina out. Sonny gets an ominous text message.

The Young and the Restless

Cane and Lily decide to tell the kids the truth about Juliet being pregnant. Charlie bolts out of his seat when he hears the news. Later, Mattie admits to Reed that she is having family problems. Tessa runs into Zack at Nikki's concert and they both agree not to ruin things for one another. Mariah notices that Devon can't seem to keep his eyes off of Hilary. Ashley tells Victor he was too harsh with Abby while planning the concert. Dina accuses Jack of paying too much attention to Nikki. Phyllis arrives while Billy is watching Johnny and Kate. The kids are shy at first, but Phyllis wins them over with a game on her tablet. Cane accuses Juliet of ruining his life and he reveals that Victor fired him from Brash & Sassy. When Billy and Phyllis arrive, Cane and Billy begin to argue. Billy tells Cane to accept responsibility for his mistakes. Mariah admits to Devon that she fears he still isn't over Hilary. Devon assures her he's over Hilary and wants to be with Mariah.