Recaps for the week of January 6 - 10

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Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal from "Days of Our Lives"

Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal from "Days of Our Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas lets Liam know he plans to be around for a while. A new man shows interest in Steffy, and she's asked out on a date. Thomas becomes suspicious when he walks in on Steffy and Zoe engaging in a private conversation. Later, Liam tells Steffy and Hope about the threats that Thomas made. Hope confronts Thomas and demands that he tell her the truth about his threats and his relationship with Zoe. Ridge tells Carter that he's worried Steffy and Liam still love one another. Someone proposes, but there are some serious conditions. Thomas and Douglas walk in while Liam is proposing. Thomas makes serious accusations, and Hope begs Liam to remove the conditions of his proposal. Ridge and Steffy share some happy father-daughter moments. Liam tries to get Hope to see that Thomas is still completely obsessed with her. Thomas overhears some new information when he eavesdrops on Hope and Brooke. Liam tells Steffy about his painful proposal to Hope, and Steffy tells him she doesn't want to hear about how much he loves Hope. Thomas follows Hope to Steffy's and puts his new plan into action. Ridge believes that Thomas has changed, and begs Brooke to forgive his son. As things get messy between Steffy, Liam and Hope, Thomas is pleased that his plan is working. Ridge asks Brooke about Liam's proposal, and Brooke tells him that one day he'll see Thomas for what he really is.

Days of Our Lives

Evan and Sonny share an intimate moment. Steve is questioned by Kayla about the woman he loves. Ciara confronts Victor, and things take a shocking turn. Ben is threatened by Xander. Eli asks Lani why she threw a rick through Gabi's widow. Kristen tries to use Gabi to get what she wants. As Victor's medical crisis continues, Xander blames Ciara. Brady finds out about Victor's condition. Nicole misleads Kristen regarding her relationship with Brady. JJ offers to help Lani. Gabi tries hard to cover her tracks. Kate offers a warning to Will regarding Evan. Kristen is shocked when an unexpected visitor shows up on her doorstep. Brady decides to go along with Nicole. Xander tells Ciara to steer clear of Victor. Jack is confused by his brother's behavior. Ben gets some bad news from Ciara. Justin urges Victor to do the right thing, and Kristen's loyalty is tested. Gina is uncomfortable as John questions her about Steve. 

General Hospital

Nina turns to Maxie for help. Peter is caught off-guard, and Valentine is confused. Anna finds herself in the right place at the right time, and Ava's luck begins to change. Laura is worried. Sam's actions put Alexis off. Jason asks Robert for help. Carly is frustrated and Michael is concerned. Julian is confronted by Sonny. Jason wants to make a deal. Julian is afraid.

The Young and the Restless

When Mariah finds out that Tessa has kept a secret from her once again, she is furious. Mariah storms out and meets up with Sharon, with whom she shares the details of Tessa's latest betrayal. Billy and Amanda meet up, and Billy questions the nature of their relationship. While Amanda admits that they have chemistry, she says they must remain friends because he is married. Jack throws a surprise birthday party for Kyle at Jabot. Theo, who was not invited, learns about the party, but insists he's not upset. Lola is angry at Kyle for refusing to give Theo a chance. Kyle insists that Lola is allowing Theo to meddle in their marriage. Devon loves Elena's idea to open a medical clinic at the New Hope housing center. Elena urges Devon to hire Chance so he can get some closure about Anna and move on. Adam visits Victor and tells him that he doesn't want Connor to be excluded because of Nick. Victor warns him of the dangers of beginning a relationship with Chelsea.