Recaps for the week of January 23 - 27

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Amelia Heinle stars in "The Young and the Restless"

Amelia Heinle stars in "The Young and the Restless"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam tells Bill about the ultimatum he issued to Steffy. Meanwhile, Quinn tries to keep her mind off of Ridge, and feels guilty about her feelings. Both struggling with their feelings, Ridge and Quinn discuss how to handle the situation. Steffy is touched by the sacrifice Wyatt is willing to make for her happiness. After not being able to reach Steffy, Liam decides to follow through with his part of the ultimatum. With a broken heart, Wyatt tells Eric and Quinn about the state of his marriage to Steffy. Everyone at Forrester Creations is shocked when Ridge admits that Quinn has become an asset to the company. Quinn suggests an idea to Eric to bring the Forrester family back together. Thomas is offended that he wasn't considered for the position when Steffy talks about her new role as CEO. Katie becomes suspicious of Ridge and Quinn's sudden friendship. Wyatt tells Liam the real reason he gave Steffy what she wanted.

Days of Our Lives

Chloe comes clean with Brady. Nicole realizes that Deimos is in danger, and she soon receives shocking news. Eric tends to Hope as she fights for her life. Kayla arrives in Europe to check on Steve. Chad shares an awkward moment with Gabi in the square. Claire, Theo, Ciara, Joey and Jade embark on a new adventure together. Belle returns to Salem to visit Claire. Brady and Deimos support Nicole. Gabi and Abigail put a plan in motion to end the conflict between the families before someone gets hurt. Belle agrees to represent Chloe. Sonny tries to make a deal with Chad. In Prague, Steve and Kayla share a romantic night on the town. Chad shares a special night with Abigail. Lucas voices his support of Anne to Adrienne. As Nicole waits for Justin to post bail, she receives a surprising visit. Deimos stuns Maggie and Victor with his news. Deimos attempts to get Chloe to see reason. Shane has a potential new lead about Stefano for Steve, Kayla, Rafe and Marlena.

General Hospital

Sam discovers the secret Alexis has been keeping. Carly continues to struggle with Sonny's violent lifestyle. Jordan remembers good times with Curtis. Franco must face the fallout from his actions. Julian blackmails someone. Jason becomes sick. Liz voices her suspicions. Carly has words of caution for Michael. Sonny gives some advice to Nelle. Sam happens upon an important clue. Liz finds herself in danger. Dante and Nathan close in on a suspect. Liz is shaken by what she discovers. Nina has Charlotte's best interests at heart. Anna confronts Valentin.

The Young and the Restless

Phyllis doesn't believe Jack when he says he was at Top of the Tower for a friendly lunch with Gloria, and she reports back to Lauren. Lauren is crushed when a potential investor has a change of heart and decides not to invest. She becomes furious when she finds out the investor went to Jack instead. Victoria feels frustrated that Reed isn't spending enough time on his studies. Reed becomes embarrassed when Victoria and Billy catch him making out with Zoey on the couch. Jill worries that Lily signing a modeling contract with Brash & Sassy could put a strain on her marriage to Cane. Lily ends up accepting Jill's offer, but worries that Cane isn't happy with the situation. Billy is reminded of the chemistry he shares with Phyllis when he runs into her at the GCAC. Christine tells Sharon that it's normal for an agent to disappear after a bust. Sharon thinks the universe is punishing her because of what happened with Christian.