Recaps for the week of January 16 - 20

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Galen Gering as seen in "Days of Our Lives"

Galen Gering as seen in "Days of Our Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge admits to Quinn that he will do anything to get her out of Eric's life, and plans to provide evidence that will help her do so. Katie is thrown when she learns of Eric and Wyatt's plan to bring Steffy back home. She gives her opinion, and explains why their idea may never work. Steffy and Liam share their frustrations about what their relationship is up against. Though Steffy expresses her guilt about what Wyatt is going through to Thomas, she still feels excited about a future with Liam. Bill has a fatherly talk with Liam about the importance of having patience with the women in their lives. Eric assures Katie that she won't be single much longer. Ridge begins to learn what makes Quinn tick as she delves into her past. Quinn feels vulnerable at the office after an interaction with Ridge the night before. Everyone at Forrester Creations is stunned at the shift in Ridge's attitude toward Quinn, and Eric shares with Katie the reason he sent Quinn and Ridge to the symposium in San Francisco. Wyatt expresses gratitude to Eric for all that he's done, but he's made a decision about Steffy. Liam issues an ultimatum to Steffy: she can either let her family manipulate her, or live happily with him.

Days of Our Lives

Nicole and Chloe are horrified when they overhear Deimos make a deadly threat. Sonny tries to reign in Deimos. Valerie gives Claire and Theo advice when they run into trouble online, and Justin helps Adrienne through a rough time. Carrie and Austin search for an escaped Anna. Hope is in the care of a familiar face. Rafe, Steve and Paul get ready to ambush Stefano. Kayla decides to travel to Prague when she gets a distressing call about Steve. Hope must hide from the police. Jennifer becomes interested when she finds out JJ is investigating the docks. Abigail and Gabi become wise to the fact that something is going on with Chad, Sonny and Dario. Later, Abigail and Gabi decide to put their differences aside and team up. Chad holds an important meeting with Sonny and Dario. Dario is set on taking drastic measures. Brady confronts Chloe. Eduardo tries to repair his relationship with Kate.

General Hospital

As Anna's memories become more vivid, she recalls something pivotal. Julian gets a threat that hits close to home. Jordan defies Andre's wishes. Lulu does her best to bond more with Charlotte. Griffin hurls accusations. Julian confronts his demons. Dante provides comfort to Lulu. Valentin's true colors show through. Sam finds out the secret Alexis has been keeping. Carly continues to struggle with Sonny's violent lifestyle. Jordan reminisces about old times with Curtis.

The Young and the Restless

Jack informs Neil that the press is asking why alcohol was served at a benefit to help struggling addicts. Neil tells Jack that Devon was under the legal limit when he left the benefit. Victoria is upset when Reed prefers Billy's advice to hers. Victor has a family dinner at Top of the Tower. Reed puts alcohol in his soda. When Chelsea arrives the tension between her and Nick is palpable. Eventually, Chelsea and Nick discuss their New Year's Eve kiss. Phyllis invites Ravi to lunch and tries to lure him away from Jabot. Ashley arrives telling Ravi they need to get back to the office. At Jabot, Ravi claims he had no idea Phyllis was going to try to recruit him. Michael warns Gloria not to jeopardize things when she finds out Lauren is meeting with a potential investor for Fenmore's.