Recaps for the week of February 6 - 10

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Richard Christie, Alley Mills and John McCook as seen in “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Richard Christie, Alley Mills and John McCook as seen in “The Bold and the Beautiful”

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke confronts Ridge and Quinn about the secret they've been keeping. Ridge confesses his latest dealings with Quinn to Brooke. Thomas unloads his true feelings about being overlooked for the CEO position to Steffy. Wyatt submits his resignation from Forrester Creations and asks Bill for his job back at Spencer Publications. Steffy offers to take Thomas to lunch to talk more about his feelings. Katie maintains that she has no feelings for Eric when Brooke questions her, but Brooke isn't convinced. Quinn overhears when Brooke tells Eric that Katie has a crush on him. Nicole recruits family members to help him win back Nicole.

Days of Our Lives

Marlena, Rafe, Steve and Kayla talk strategy for capturing Stefano at the masquerade ball. Later, the group arrives at the ball hoping Stefano will show up. When Marlena disappears, everyone fears Stefano has taken her. Hope begs Eric to contact Hattie. Ciara becomes emotional while reading Jennifer's story about Hope's escape. Paul is stunned when he finds Sonny at his hotel room door. Deimos witnesses a growing closeness between Nicole and Brady and he aims to prove that he's the only man who can give Nicole what she needs. Raines calls for reinforcements when he shoots at Hope and loses her in a chase. Abigail is upset about Chad and Gabi's kidnapping. Paul and Sonny find time for a moment alone together. Steve and Kayla invite Carrie and Austin to their wedding. Andre and Eduardo reach a temporary truce. Brady warns Nicole that Chloe is digging in her heels. Andre, Kate and Eduardo work together to figure out where Deimos has taken Chad and Gabi. Dario checks himself out the hospital, against Abigail's wishes. As they find themselves trapped, Gabi tends to Chad's wounds.

General Hospital

Julian is helpless as his business partner schemes. Sam defies what Jason wants. Brad issues a threat to Finn. Nina asks Maxie for a favor. Liz and Hayden have a confrontation. Carly discovers a clue about Nelle's mystery man. Lulu overwhelms Charlotte. Anna is increasingly unsettled by her memories. Dante has a break in the case. Sonny is out for revenge. Julian's past comes back to haunt him. Dante has questions about Carly's commitment. Jason makes accusations. Sam garners the attention of a false friend. Tracy makes some demands of Hayden.

The Young and the Restless

Devon tells Mariah that he his skeptical about Hilary's intention to walk away from their marriage without any money. Devon asks his banker to prepare a check for $250 million, and Hilary is shocked when it is delivered to her. Gloria warns Jack about the consequences of not offering her a job and she urges him to watch that night's GC Buzz. At Jabot, Billy pulls Phyllis into a kiss in the elevator. Phyllis accuses him of using her to get back at Victoria. Later, Phyllis goes on a date with Troy, but Billy interrupts when she looks uncomfortable. Victoria grounds Reed for a month after she discovers he used her credit card an an inappropriate website. Billy blasts Reed for trying to turn his parents against each other. Sharon is surprised when Faith announces she's ready to come home. With great pain, Sharon explains to Faith that she needs to work on herself first before Faith can come home. Victoria tells Cane and Billy that she wants to buy Brash & Sassy on her own and Cane becomes angry. Victor agrees to mentor Abby as he has faith in her ability as a student.