Recaps for the week of February 20 - 24

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Mishael Morgan as seen in “The Young and the Restless”

Mishael Morgan as seen in “The Young and the Restless”

The Bold and the Beautiful

An angry Ivy confronts Quinn about what she witnessed after Nicole and Zende's wedding reception. Later, Ivy feels motivated to tell Brooke an important piece of information before she marries Ridge. Ridge reveals an intimate thought about himself to Brooke, and then asks her if she still wants to marry him. Bill uses all his resources to ensure that Spectra Fashions's first preview fails. Already bitter, Thomas becomes more upset when Steffy criticizes his latest designs. Spectra Fashions debuts its first collection in an intimate and informal setting. The Spectra team anticipates the review of their new collection, which will determine future success. Later, Shirley tells Sally to take a cue from the original Spectra Fashions regarding future designs. Bill meets with an unseemly business associate to make sure he gets his intended real estate investment. Ridge and Quinn reach an agreement about the dangerous flirtation that has been going on between them.

Days of Our Lives

Nicole and Chloe find out who gains custody of Holly. Soon, a furious Nicole breaks things off with Deimos. Eduardo and Andre reach out to Deimos to arrange an exchange. As Chad and Gabi's lives hang in the balance, Abigail and JJ search for them together. Sonny gets a brutal beating when he tries to escape from his captor. Abigail turns to Dario to help find Chad and Gabi. Hope worries that Andre will ruin her future. Hattie confronts Andre. Marlena sees Eric at the farm. Chad comes clean with Abigail about what happened while he was kidnapped. Later, Dario comforts Abigail. Lani and Theo urge Abe not to give up on Valerie. Chad promises to do what's right regarding his conflicting feelings for Abigail and Gabi. Valerie takes steps to keep Eli's identity a secret. Brady is thrown for a loop by Chloe's news. JJ asks Lani to go out with him.

General Hospital

Carly makes some plans for a romantic escape. Ned makes a huge life-changing decision, and later seeks advice from Dante. Julian makes a serious mistake. Nelle and Michael get through the storm. Julian confronts Jason. Ava becomes even more desperate. Julian finds out the consequences of his actions. Nelle keeps Michael at bay. Nina decides to take things into her own hands. Hayden looks to Griffin for some answers. Valentin completely overwhelms Anna. Hayden is alienated by Finn. Julian's game includes using Laura as a pawn. Jason and Curtis make a shocking revelation.

The Young and the Restless

Nick tells Noah that he and Chelsea are officially dating. Faith becomes upset when she sees Nick kissing Chelsea. During a family dinner, Abby gets jealous when Victor toasts Victoria's success as the new owner of Brash & Sassy. When Paul tells Lauren that Scott may be missing, Lauren wants to get on the next plane to the Middle East to find him. After sneaking out of the house, Reed goes to The Underground to perform at an open mic night. Mariah finds that a video of Reed performing is trending and she posts it in GC Buzz's website. Ashley is upset that Ravi gets along so well with Phyllis and the women argue about how to treat Ravi. Later, Ashley confesses to Ravi that she didn't like seeing him get close to Phyllis. Devon tells Hilary that he's unhappy without her. Nikki asks Sharon to help her start a shelter for women in bad situations. Nikki tells Noah about the truce between her and Sharon.