Recaps for the week of February 13 - 17

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Olivia Rose Keegan and James Lastovic as seen in “Days of Our Lives”

Olivia Rose Keegan and James Lastovic as seen in “Days of Our Lives”

The Bold and the Beautiful

A newly engaged pair can't wait to walk down the aisle. When Sasha returns to town, she hopes to redeem herself with Nicole and the rest of the Avants. Family and friends gather at Forrester Creations to celebrate the nuptials of a reunited couple. During the wedding ceremony, guests bond and feel the happiness radiating from the bride and groom. Quinn struggles with territorial feelings and her growing attraction to Ridge. Wyatt commiserates with Bill about the loves they've lost. Quinn and Ridge have a hard time hiding their connection to one another. Steffy finds herself in a familiar place, for which she previously gained unfavorable social media attention. Ridge and Quinn address the sexual tension between them and discuss how best to deal with it in the future. Bill visits Brooke with the goal of putting doubts in her mind about marrying Ridge.

Days of Our Lives

Hope has questions for Eric about his feelings for Jennifer. Shane and Steve make a shocking discovery. Dario confesses something to Abigail. Jennifer turns to Adrienne for help. Chad and Gabi's bad situation gets even worse. Eduardo, Kate, Dario and Abigail discuss how to rescue Chad and Gabi. Victor tells Deimos to clean things up quickly when he's made aware of his brother's actions. Adrienne, Jennifer and Anne work together to eliminate the Orwell device. Steve and Kayla marry one another again in front of family and friends. Stephanie returns home to enjoy the festivities. Hope gets word about her fate. Austin and Carrie are reunited with Kate. Valerie tells a disappointed Abe that she's leaving town. Julie receives crushing news. Chloe and Nicole begin the custody hearing for Holly. Belle surprises Nicole with some information. Adrienne attacks Deimos after he continues to stonewall.

General Hospital

Felicia comes one step closer to finding out the truth, and Julian is afraid that the PCPD has figured him out. Anna seeks answers, and later, she gets some help from an unexpected source. Finn becomes increasingly erratic, and Nelle tempts fate. Franco is in a struggle with his dark side. Liz stands up for what she believes in, and turns to Sam for support. Nina's suspicions mount, while Dillon and Kiki reconnect. Nathan tries to keep the peace. Curtis walks the edge of danger. Lulu is at Valentin's mercy. Julian strikes a deal.

The Young and the Restless

Nick tells Chelsea he's never getting back together with Sharon when he tells her about Faith's attempts to get her parents to reconcile. Chelsea reminds him that getting back together with an ex is a Newman family tradition. Billy hires photographer Jordan Wilde to do a photo shoot for Brash & Sassy. Cane is stunned to find out that Lily knows Jordan. Sharon asks Victor to help her find Dylan. Cane tells Jill that Victoria plans to buy Brash & Sassy on her own and he asks for more time get the money together so he can purchase the company himself. Jill gives Cane until the end of the day. Lauren is determined to find out what Gloria used against Jack to get a position at Jabot. Jack is surprised when he finds out Ashley intends to give the keynote speech at the annual buyers' luncheon. Ashley tells Jack he's letting his personal feelings for Phyllis get in the way of running Jabot. Later, Ashley finds a Valentine's gift for her from Ravi. Jack initially refuses when Jill offers to buy his stake in Fenmore's.