Recaps for the week of December 16 - 20

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Camila Banus and Galen Gering star in "Days of Out Lives"

Camila Banus and Galen Gering star in "Days of Out Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam is determined to convince Steffy that Zoe can be trusted. Meanwhile, Hope approaches both Quinn and Sally about designing her new line and Thomas divulges his plans to Vinny. Then, Hope is freaked out when she sees Thomas setting a romantic table for two but discovers that it's for another woman. Liam tells Wyatt that Thomas is putting on an act for Hope. Steffy re-hires Zoe causing Hope to lash out and things are only made worse when Thomas tells Zoe he wants to move in with her. Brooke tells Ridge that Thomas is obsessed with her and Hope so he gives her an option to get their old lives back. While Carter asks Zoe about her relationship with Thomas, Steffy tells Brooke about her and Liam's plan to use Zoe to find out how Thomas really feels about Hope.

Days of Our Lives

Xander prevents Ciara from finding the truth and when new evidence comes to light Eve is cleared. Clyde is furious with Ben for betraying him, elsewhere, Will makes a drastic sacrifice for Sonny. While Julie helps JJ as he struggles with sobriety, Kate is confronted by Chad about Stefano. Marlena presents John with an ultimatum, meanwhile Kristen and Lani plot to get back what is theirs. Rolf is hunted down by Rafe and when Jennifer is unsettled she goes to Jack for comfort. Tensions grow when Rafe finds Gina in the secret lair, and Victor becomes suspicious of Ciara. Then, Abigail asks Eli about his feelings for Gabi and Stefano gets a visitor.

General Hospital

While Chase opens up to Finn, Nina learns the truth and Jax gets a surprise. Meanwhile, Valentin is overjoyed but Lulu feels helpless. Then, Nina confronts Obrecht while Ava lays in wait. Kevin tries to provide insight but Jordan is ruthless and Franco is upset. Finn and Anna have an argument. 

The Young and the Restless

Chelsea goes to Crimson Light to discuss with Sharon the recent downturns with Connor. Wanting to legally fight Walnut Grove’s request that Connor not return Sharon suggests Chelsea talk with Amanda who recommends homeschooling rather than legal action. Meanwhile, Connor and Adam visit the Ranch to tell Nikki about Connors situation. She is furious when Adam asks that her and Victor not pull any strings on their behalf. Abby and Chance have their first date and sparks fly resulting in their first kiss. Amanda and Billy have an awkward run in at Crimson Lights and discuss Billy’s career concerns before Amanda asks if he is looking to have an affair. Then on the Newman ranch, Victor hosts pre-Christmas with the grandkids since they’ll be in Colorado for the holidays. He expresses his pride in his grandchildren over the evening especially Nikki who he says helps him to focus on the future as he struggles with his disease.