Recaps for the week of August 7 - 11

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Melody Thomas Scott as seen in "The Young and the Restless"

Melody Thomas Scott as seen in "The Young and the Restless"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Wyatt and Katie talk about the pros and cons of entering into a romantic relationship with one another. When Sheila hears the news about Eric and Quinn, she vows to be the next Forrester matriarch. Carter lets slip the secret that Eric has been keeping about Quinn. Liam learns some interesting information about his own family from Sally. Justin, Bill's closest confidante, thinks that Bill's latest scheme has gone way too far. Wyatt and Katie reach an agreement about what to do about their mutual attraction to each other. Bill makes a threat to Liam if he gets in the way of his plan to reunite Thomas with Caroline. Steffy gloats to Sally about the current predicament Spectra Fashions is in. Liam and Steffy disagree about Bill's lie and what should be done about it. Eric advises Sheila about her future plans to reside in Los Angeles.

Days of Our Lives

Joey places himself in danger in order to save Kayla. Victor finally comes clean when Brady interrogates him. Gabi makes a tough decision regarding Chad. Sonny is shocked by Paul's news. Anjelica lures Adrienne into a trap. Brady is consumed with jealousy and it threatens to push him over the edge. Nicole makes a risky move in order to be close to Holly. Steve and Kayla disagree about the situation regarding Tripp and Joey. Brady gets the wrong idea about Nicole and Eric. Justin confesses something to Sonny. Hattie breaks Bonnie out of prison. Chad and Abigail's reunion takes a stunning turn. Tripp decides to secretly skip town. Anjelica and Bonnie meet for the first time. Lani is placed in a difficult position at work. Bonnie breaks Lucas's heart. Marlena wakes up to find she is trapped. Brady makes a surprising discovery when he breaks into Eric's room. Chad and Sonny compare notes about the night Deimos was murdered.

General Hospital

Jason has some questions for Griffin. Kiki manages to step up and soon makes an impression. Hayden turns to a kindred spirit for advice. Monica gives Finn her blessing. Carly swallows her pride. Olivia runs afoul. Felicia feels like a teenager again. Valerie is happy for Dillon. Finn feels that he was deceived. Scott struggles with some doubts. Ava is a total mess. Finn has suspicions that he isn't getting the whole story. Scotty tries his luck. Dante searches for a resolution.

The Young and the Restless

Jack and Nikki are unaware that someone is outside taking photos as they enjoy their time together at the Abbott Cabin. Scott brings Victor up to speed on his progress with Hashtag. Juliet shows Cane an image from her ultrasound. Later, Cane tries to repair his relationship with Charlie. Charlie winds up telling Cane that Lily is better off without him. Jack fills Phyllis in on his plan to get inside information about Brash & Sassy. Phyllis tells Jack she doesn't want to sabotage Brash & Sassy, but just get Victoria off the market so she doesn't rely on Billy. Ashley asks Neil if he would consider hiring Dina during a tour of his new office space. Neil replies that he thinks it would be a big mistake for his company. Jordan tells Hilary he doesn't think it was fair of her to steal the commercial from Lily. Hilary tells Jordan that Lily isn't the only one in need of his support. When Hilary asks Jordan to come to New York with her, Jordan realizes she is just trying to keep him away from Lily.