Recaps for the week of August 28 - September 1

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Billy Flynn as seen in "Days of Our Lives"

Billy Flynn as seen in "Days of Our Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Sure that his plan is working, Bill basks in his success and imagines his beloved skyscraper. Quinn and Sheila have another confrontation when Quinn discovers the secret Sheila has been hiding. Sally is heartbroken as she finds herself in a hospital room thinking her future has gone up in flames. Eric plays referee between Quinn and Sheila before announcing one of them as the victor. Liam has a major argument with his father when he realizes the full extent of Bill's merciless ways. Ridge becomes a voice of reason between Eric and Quinn, who disagree about Sheila's motives. Thomas surprises Sally with a visit back to Los Angeles to her hospital bedside. Steffy and Liam have a hard time keeping the information they have on Bill from the rest of the family. Sally and the Spectra crew try to convince Thomas to stay and help rebuild the company. Liam struggles with possibly losing his relationship with his father or having to live with the guilt of knowing what Bill has done.

Days of Our Lives

Hattie and Bonnie worry about their current situation. Hope and Rafe conspire with Abe. Eli tries to stop Lani and JJ from ruining his plan. Maggie isn't pleased when she learns Adrienne is moving into the mansion. Chad and Abigail decide with Sonny and Paul to have a double wedding. John and Marlena do their best to find a way out of their situation and they soon come up with an escape plan. Meanwhile, Andre asks "Marlena" for help, not knowing she's actually Hattie. Lucas turns to Chloe after receiving a shock. Paul has questions for Hattie. Nicole gets alarming news at her custody hearing for Holly. Rafe and Hope apply pressure to Myron. Brady gets his hands dirty on Nicole's behalf. Kayla talks to Valerie about her issues with Steve. JJ and Lani enjoy a little romance. Claire helps Theo deal with frustration toward Abe. Gabi ends up in a dangerous situation. Rafe finds out evidence is coming from Dario. Maggie and Bonnie clash. Hattie poses as Marlena and has a therapy session with Andre.

General Hospital

Sam opens up to Jason. Ned decided to make a bold move. Felicia discovers a secret about Nelle's past. Sam and Sonny work together to help Jason. Maxie is confused about Nathan and Amy. Nina is surprised by Valentin. Ava helps Griffin with something difficult. Dante has questions for Sonny. Nelle is under suspicion and Michael reassures her. Alexis admits what her true feelings are. Anna and Finn look for answers from Raymond.

The Young and the Restless

Sharon talks to Victor about the stress his feud with Nick is putting Faith under and they argue. Nick and Faith soon arrive and Victor takes Faith to the stables. Sharon tells Nick it's a bad idea to make Faith choose between Nick and Victor. Jack tells Lauren he wants to start a new beauty line and asks to replace Brash & Sassy's shelf space at Fenmore's. Lauren replies that she will not be a part of his scheme to destroy Brash & Sassy. Hilary is upset over losing Jordan to Lily. She tells Cane they can help each other and not to give up on Lily yet. Mattie arrives home to find Jordan has brought Lily flowers. Mattie accuses Lily of trying to replace Cane, but Lily insists Jordan is just a friend. Devon apologizes to Mariah for missing their date and assures her he is committed to her, but Mariah is hesitant to believe him.