Recaps for the week of August 21 - 25

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Patrika Darbo as seen in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Patrika Darbo as seen in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke has questions for Eric regarding his decision to provide help to Sheila. Katie and Wyatt's relationship continues to grow. Brooke questions James about his medical decision regarding Sheila. Katie and Wyatt's relationship enters a whole new level as the pair tries to keep their secret from Bill. An electrical fire adds excitement to the launch of Sally Spectra's first solo preview. Bill is upset as he realizes Liam and Jarrett might not be on his side regarding the Spectra show. Brooke and Ivy try to get some answers from Steffy about Thomas being in New York. Bill tells Liam just what he wants to hear before he has Justin take care of business and come up with another plan. Before the start of her fashion show, Sally has a revealing conversation with Thomas. Bill lets loose his devious plan to build his skyscraper at the expense of Spectra Fashions.

Days of Our Lives

Nicole has a realization that stuns her. Chad proposes to Abigail. Sonny and Paul take a huge step forward. John wants to know why "Marlena" kissed Roman. Joey says his goodbyes to those he loves. Bonnie becomes nervous when Steve visits "Adrienne." Theo is jealous when he witnesses Tripp and Claire hug. A twist is revealed in Abe's case. Eric continues to struggle with his feelings for Nicole. Jennifer and Abigail become concerned when Lucas shows up drunk. Andre confronts Kate about her kissing another man. Chad and Sonny have the same idea. Brady shares a secret with Victor. Nicole wants to confide in Eric. Lucas makes love with Bonnie. Marlena is worried about John's fate and soon she and John realize Hattie must be working with someone. An unexpected death shakes Salem. Gabi is thrown when she learns Chad and Abigail are getting married again. Chad and Abigail along with Paul and Sonny realize they may be in direct conflict.

General Hospital

Sam comes to a decision. Alexis finds some common ground with Carly. Franco requests a favor of Ava. Carly receives some shocking news. Liz is intrigued by a painting Franco has done. Anna seeks out Finn's help. Scott and Julian clash. Nina is moved by Charlotte's story. Griffin jumps in to defend Ava. Ned and Michael strike up a deal. The judge comes to a verdict in Julian's trial.

The Young and the Restless

After commiserating over the Dare campaign being put on hold, Jordan suggests that Lily come look for work with him in New York City. Lily is tempted, but she tells him she needs to stay in Genoa City and handle her issues. Reed and Mattie talk about how their parents disapprove of them dating. Victoria tells Neil she is worried about the fate of Brash & Sassy. She considers asking Victor for a loan, but Neil offers her a bridge loan from Hamilton/Winters, which she accepts. Nikki visits the Tack House and is surprised to learn that Nick has moved out and Abby has moved in. Nick tells Chelsea he's worried she's not on board with them living together. Chelsea admits she was hesitant, but her doubts are now gone. Billy surprises Jack when he gives him a check for Brash & Sassy's rent increase. Jack is shocked to learn that Victoria received a loan from Neil. Billy talks to Lily and Jordan about getting their jobs back at Brash & Sassy. Abby is confused when Zack turns down an interview to discuss the dating app.