Recaps for the week of April 3 - 7

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Scott Clifton as seen in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Scott Clifton as seen in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Quinn confesses to Ridge her fear about Eric finding out about their affair. Kate tells Brooke to go to Eric about Quinn and Ridge or she will. The Forrester family learns that Ridge and Brooke weren't married in Australia as planned. Eric bluntly asks Ridge if another woman is the reason for his breakup from Brooke. Brooke takes a private moment with Ridge to unleash all her anger and disappointment on him. Ridge confesses his mistake and begs Brooke to forgive him and reconsider marrying him. Quinn hopes to get Katie to back down by offering her a job at Forrester Creations. Shirley gives Coco a new spying device so she doesn't get suspicious. Later, RJ invites Coco to see the latest confidential Forrester designs.

Days of Our Lives

Gabi finds out that Chad and Abigail plan to renew their wedding vows. Marlena has a girl's night out with Kate and later has a fantasy about John. Paul and Sonny make love at last. Things take a turn for the worse when Brady and Nicole invite their neighbours over for dinner. Tripp finds out more about Ava. Rafe discovers that Hope planted a bug on someone when her surveillance app goes off. Theo thinks he and Claire are moving too fast. Nicole panics when Scooter recognizes her. Later, Nicole and squares off with Scooter. Abigail tells JJ that she's worried about Chad's potential feelings for Gabi. Meanwhile, Gabi goes out on a date with Eli. Ciara is pleasantly surprised to meet Wyatt. Abigail and Kate have a confrontation. Eduardo discusses a new revenue stream with Dario. Sonny is upset when Deimos demotes him. Rafe and Hope secretly listen in on Deimos as they prepare to bring him down. Eduardo maintains hope that he will work things out with Kate. Paul worries about Sonny's obsession with taking down Deimos.

General Hospital

Sad news befalls Carly, who later is able to find a way to forgive. Sonny gets taken down a peg, and then learns something shocking. Sam searches for closure, while Finn struggles to deal with his past. Tracy is on the hunt for answers. An intrigued Dante is still distrustful of goings-on. Liz reaches out to Hayden, and later, she speaks with Franco. Valentin is surprised. Anna feels sorry about what she's done. Nelle has an epiphany. Lulu suffers a disappointing blow.

The Young and the Restless

Scott comforts an emotional Sharon after she finds Dylan's old apron at the coffeehouse. Victoria isn't happy when she finds out Victor hired Scott to write his biography. Meanwhile, Scott begins the project by interviewing Abby. Abby tells him she feels she might never be accepted as a Newman or an Abbott. Cane tells Juliet he doesn't remember sleeping with her in Tokyo. Cane becomes uncomfortable when Lily enters the room and he introduces her to Juliet. Later, Victoria tells Cane she's decided to offer Juliet a full-time position at Brash & Sassy. Ashley tells Ravi that she's not upset about a photo of them together at the opera appearing on GC Buzz. Abby asks Ashley about her feelings for Ravi and advises her mom not to rule things out with him. Phyllis offers to help Ravi upgrade his wardrobe and he accepts. The next day he's disappointed when Ashley seems not to notice Ravi's new look. Victoria admits to Billy that she enjoyed their kiss but doesn't want to make a big deal out of it.