Recaps for the week of April 24 - 28

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Wally Kruth as seen in "General Hospital"

Wally Kruth as seen in "General Hospital"

The Bold and the Beautiful

In an attempt to mend his heartbreak, Ridge throws himself into work replacing the designs stolen by Spectra Fashions. Katie and Quinn have a difference of opinion regarding a suitable position for Katie at Forrester Creations. After having been let go from Forrester Creations, Coco looks into her future career options. Ridge and Steffy decide to get revenge on Spectra Fashions by involving Lt. Baker. Sally is thrown for a loop by Coco's response to her offer. RJ is placed in a tough spot when his family asks him to complete an uncomfortable task. Though Bill is grateful about getting back together with Brooke, he still wants to know why she ended her engagement to Ridge. Coco is split between her family and her first love when she is asked to turn on one of them. Thomas starts to have doubts about supporting his family's decision to prosecute Sally. Sally learns the difficult way about the consequences of having stolen Forrester designs.

Days of Our Lives

Gabi attacks Deimos during a confrontation. As Brady and Nicole bask in their love for one another, they are unaware that a threat is headed for them. Deimos gets a lead on where Nicole is. Wyatt's secret comes to light. Abigail has an interview for a job at the police station. Paul asks Sonny to move in with him. A dangerous new case is assigned to Lani and JJ. Despite a setback, Lani is determined to keep working undercover. JJ looks to Steve for information. Sonny and Paul follow Deimos, who is headed for Canada. Someone breaks into Nicole and Brady's home. Tripp assists Kayla with a medical emergency. Gabi shares a kiss with Eli. Steve and Kayla attempt to make inroads with Tripp. Gabi tries to convince Abigail to make her marriage work.

General Hospital

Carly makes a decision that could end up changing her life. Jason wonders about what other things he might not be able to remember. Jax delivers an argument that is compelling. Tracy finds herself on pins and needles. Dante and Lulu engage in a celebration. Hayden is met with some disappointing news. Michael is surprised by Carly. Ava's guilty conscience haunts her, but it isn't long before she has reason to rejoice. Lucy is quite tempted to tell the truth. Jason sorts through his memories as well as his guilt. Monica manages to buy some time for Ned. Nathan becomes impatient.

The Young and the Restless

After Scott overhears Sharon and Nick discussing Faith moving out of the main house, he asks Sharon what's going with the Newman family but she deflects. Sharon tells Scott she's enjoying their growing friendship, but needs to take things slowly considering her marriage to Dylan ended recently. Later, Scott meets secretly with Christine. Abby's realtor tells her he has a potential buyer lined up to purchase a warehouse she bought behind Victor's back. Abby is stunned to find out Jack is the potential buyer. Scott confronts Lauren about trying to set him up with Phyllis, and he remains sceptical when Lauren agrees to stop playing matchmaker. Mariah is shocked to find out Hilary rehired former producer George. Mariah soon understands she'll have to fight if she wants a larger role at GC Buzz. Devon and Hilary meet at the courthouse to finalize their divorce. As Juliet prepares for a photo shoot with Lily at Brash & Sassy, she comes across her camisole from her night with Cane in Japan. Cane is at a complete loss as to how the camisole ended up on the wardrobe rack.