Recaps for the week of April 17 - 21

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Sharon Case as seen in "The Young and the Restless"

Sharon Case as seen in "The Young and the Restless"

The Bold and the Beautiful

After the finale of the Spectra fashion show, Thomas is left feeling heartbroken and betrayed. Coco finally finds out that she was used in her family's plan to steal success for their company. It isn't long before the Forresters call an emergency meeting to deal with the consequences of the Spectra fashion show. Despite the success of her show, Sally feels deep regret after a run-in with Thomas. An angry Coco confronts Sally for using her to steal Forrester designs. Steffy tells Thomas and RJ that they must not have any more contact with the Spectras. Brooke gives Bill back something he's been missing for a while. Katie unexpectedly pays Quinn a visit to collect on a promise made previously. Brooke surprises Bill with some of his favorite things to show her appreciation for his consistent loyalty to her. Ridge becomes wise to Katie's plan to get revenge on Quinn for her actions.

Days of Our Lives

Abigail makes a life-altering decision. Tensions rise between Kate, Jennifer and Andre. Eric tries to convince Chloe to make peace with Nicole. Brady finds out Nicole might be in trouble. Chad fills Gabi in on what happened at the vow renewal ceremony. Dario provides some needed comfort to Abigail. Nicole confesses something to Brady. Steve requests that Tripp not take any money from the Vitali family. Kayla reveals Jade's scheming. Marlena and John are reunited. Paul provides Sonny with new information about Deimos. Kayla helps Tripp out of a tough situation and their bond grows. Steve tells Adrienne about his son. Gabi and Julie have a confrontation which leads one of them to end up in the hospital. Abigail asserts her independence. Eric assures Jennifer that her daughter is much stronger than she knows. Chad does everything he can to get Abigail back. Kate witnesses Abigail and Dario together. Eli is upset with Gabi for what happened with Julie.

General Hospital

Tracy tries to one up Olivia. Sonny and Jax have a confrontation. Alexis sees things clearly, and later finds some closure. Dante fears the worst, while Sam chases down a lead. Tracy disappoints the family. Ned speaks his mind to an uninvited guest. While Liz feels distraught, Jake confides in Franco. Nelle tries to take a high road. Finn isn't pleased with Griffin's offer. Brad's anger gets much worse. Hayden isn't sure about her future. Carly promises to punish Nelle. Finn has questions for Tracy about her motives. Jason has some good news to share with Sonny. Ava and Scott visit the PCPD.

The Young and the Restless

Nick pays Victor a visit to let him know that Faith is moving back in with him. Then, Victor and Faith share a tearful goodbye. Victor appoints Abby as acting CEO of Newman Enterprises while he is out of town. While in New York, Ashley meets Traci for breakfast. After Traci meets Ravi, she grills Ashley about their relationship. Meanwhile, Cane reminds Juliet how important it is that they keep their secret. Juliet tells Cane to forget about their night together and get his head on right. Later, Cane becomes nervous when Juliet goes out with Victoria for drinks after work. Scott insists Sharon needs to treat herself better and invites her out on a date. Nikki meets with Scott in secret, and asks him to stop writing Victor's biography. Jack tries to form an alliance with Phyllis to take down Victor. Jack explains that he feels something is off with the Newmans so it's the right time to take aim.