Recaps for the week of April 10 - 14

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Deidre Hall and Martha Madison star in "Days of Our Lives"

Deidre Hall and Martha Madison star in "Days of Our Lives"

The Bold and the Beautiful

When Sally makes a sudden change in their plans, Thomas is thrown for a loop and heartbroken. The Spectra group hits the jackpot when their espionage finally pays off. Bill insists to his reporter that the review of the upcoming Spectra fashion show better be a bad one. Thomas and Sally turn to their respective loved ones to comfort them over the breakup. Steffy takes the time to remind Sally of all that she lost when she ended things with Thomas. RJ tells Coco he has her back because she's proven her loyalty to Forrester Creations many times over. Bill anticipates the Spectra fashion show will fail, so he makes CJ an offer on the family building. Sally and Shirley balance planning the debut of their new line with keeping Coco away from the stolen designs. The Spectra Fashions team prepares for their first real fashion show, which could make or break their future. Bill lets Wyatt in on his plans for the old Spectra building when he finally gets his hands on it.

Days of Our Lives

Rafe must make a difficult choice regarding Eduardo. Dario vows revenge against Deimos for what happened to his father. Tripp blames Steve and Kayla for hurting his mother. Joey feels guilty, and prepares to tell Tripp the truth about who killed Ava. Nicole considers taking desperate measures to deal with Scooter. An angry Marlena confronts Victor about Eric. Meanwhile, Eric has a dream that Nicole is in trouble. Chad finds out that Dario is in love with Abigail. Gabi accidentally walks in on a celebration for Chad and Abigail's vow renewal. Ciara is ignorant of the fact that there's more to Wyatt than meets the eye. Claire and Theo enjoy a romantic evening together. Paul and Sonny profess their love for one another. Kate encourages Gabi to go after Chad while she still can. Chad and Lucas receive some bad news about Countess Wilhelmina. Gabi and Eli grow closer, but Julie warns Eli to stay away from Gabi. Abigail and Chad's vow renewal takes a shocking turn.

General Hospital

After Sonny is completely blindsided, he's left fearing the worst. Later, Sonny's grief turns into boiling rage. Nelle makes a confession, and Hayden decides to move on. Finn reaches peak desperation levels, and Brad then betrays him. Andre finally relents and admits he's heartbroken. Olivia is concerned for Dante, who charges ahead with his investigation. Nina is back at Wyndemere. Anna gets the upper hand in her situation. Valentin is gifted a surprise. Jax attempts to fix past issues with others.

The Young and the Restless

When Scott discusses Victor's book with Sharon, she explains her past with Adam and his relationship with Victor. Jack finds out that Ravi will be going with Ashley to the product conference in New York. Meanwhile, Phyllis teases Ashley about her relationship with Ravi. Ashley diverts when Phyllis claims the trip with Ravi isn't just about work. Billy and Victoria grow closer during a private dinner at the GCAC. Billy praises Victoria for her success running Brash & Sassy. Phyllis arrives and becomes uncomfortable when she witnesses the growing closeness between Billy and Victoria. Later, Phyllis is stunned when Jack and Gloria tell the truth about the nature of their relationship. Mariah learns that GC Buzz is being rebranded. Mariah claims that the rebranding is punishment for her dating Devon. Lauren encourages Phyllis to go out with Scott. Scott becomes upset when Phyllis reveals Lauren's matchmaking.