Recaps for the week of April 1 - 5

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John McCook as seen in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

John McCook as seen in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Having each lost a beloved family member, Hope and Douglas bond over their grief. Bill and Katie finish their romantic dinner and decide to try to find out who has been setting them up. Ridge proceeds with caution when Brooke asks him what Taylor is up to regarding Hope and Thomas. Brooke is shocked when he learns Taylor's motivation is to reunite Liam with Steffy. Meanwhile, Thomas is moved by the interactions he witnesses between Hope and Douglas. Bill and Katie discuss the person who's been setting them up when their identity is revealed. Brooke is angry at the way Taylor meddles is people's lives. Ridge and Thomas have a heartfelt conversation about how Douglas is finding comfort in Hope. Bill, Katie and Will share a family moment. Brooke tells Liam about Taylor's plot. Hope is upset when Zoe keeps pressuring her to have another child. Sally makes a decision as to whether she will stay at Forrester or move to Spencer. Quinn tells Wyatt that she's encouraging Flo to find her father. Hope continues to grieve the loss of Beth. Quinn and Sally disagree over what will make Wyatt happy. Flo calls her mother, Shauna, to ask about her father. 

Days of Our Lives

Jordan asks Rafe for a substantial favor. JJ is troubled by the lighter found in Claire's jewelry box. Hope and Rafe have a conversation about Ted. Claire becomes upset when Eve tells her about a change in plans. Maggie has questions for Sarah about her acceptance of Rex's proposal. Eric answers Brady's ultimatum. Will and Sonny seek answers regarding Will's unexplained medical issues. Kate informs Victor she wants to return to Titan. Stefan grows more attracted to Chloe, but she keeps him at arm's length. Eric wants to come clean about his feelings for Sarah. Brady advises Gabi to take the next step in her revenge against Stefan. Maggie issues Rex a warning. Tripp and Haley have trouble maintaining their cover story. Claire is put on the spot when JJ questions her about the lighter. Hope tells Ben about Jordan's secret. Rafe comes back from California with shocking news. Ted makes his move on Hope. Chemistry builds between Abe and Sheila.

General Hospital

Valentin lies. Franco becomes confrontational. Lucy offers her moral support. Scott gets a heartfelt message. Bobbie and Felicia share a hug. Sam has a moment alone with Jason. Kristina crosses a line. Josslyn places a call to Carly. Kim gets some bad news. Laura is startled. Maxie continues to struggle with her feelings. Peter gets some advice from Anna. Willow is put on notice.

The Young and the Restless

Jack, Billy and Kyle let Summer join them as they discuss ideas for Jabot's new direction. Jack pitches a new model, expanding into apparel along with cosmetics and marketing the brand across several platforms. Summer goes with Jack's pitch and she and Kyle brainstorm a solid social media strategy. Everyone is impressed with their talents. Billy reaches out to Rebekah Barlow, who agrees to come on as a consultant. While in town, Rebekah reconnects with Nick and he invites her out for a drink. Despite Kyle's lover for Lola, he finds himself drawn to Summer and is surprised at how well they work together. He is also moved by how patient Summer is with Dina. Summer and Kyle tell Phyllis the truth about their marriage, revealing Summer as Lola's organ donor. Phyllis warns Summer that she can't trust Kyle. When Lola and Kyle run into one another, they are surprised by the strength of their feelings. Summer pressures Kyle to delete Lola's contact information from his phone and he reluctantly agrees.