Q: I have noticed that Starz has been showing the movie "Tai-Pan" frequently. Why do they not show the sequel, "Noble House"? It is a very good movie as well.

There's an easy answer to this: "Noble House" isn't a movie at all. The first two books in James Clavell's Asian Saga series were produced as films, albeit more than two decades apart ("King Rat" was released in 1965, while "Tai-Pan" was released in 1986). But the next two books in the series were made as TV miniseries instead. "Shogun" aired i...

Q: I was watching "Divorce" with Sarah Jessica Parker on HBO in 2016, but can no longer find the program. Is it coming back on the air, or has it been canceled?

Sarah Jessica Parker's "Sex and the City" character once referred to the "exquisite pain" of being in love. It's a feeling that HBO fans know well: The network makes us fall in love with a show, and then, a few weeks later, it's gone, and we're left wondering what happened. The end of a typically short HBO season is what happened. The first sea...

Q: Who was the first actor ever to portray Batman?

That's an interesting one, basically because it wasn't Adam West. West's parody version of the Batman character, in the incredibly campy mid-'60s TV series, is the oldest one most people remember. However, the first filmed version of the caped crusader appeared all the way back in 1943, played by the otherwise-unknown actor Lewis Wilson. Wils...

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