Q: When is "The Great" coming back? It's coming back, right? 

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

A bit of worry is understandable -- being a fan of "The Great" hasn't been easy. Fans had to wait a year and a half between the first season and the second due to COVID-19 delays, and they've been waiting the same time now for a third. But the wait's almost over. 

The third season of "The Great" will debut on Hulu (in the U.S.) and Amazon Prime (in Canada) on May 12.

The fact that it's a streaming show has added to the wait, in a way. Broadcast TV would have strung the show's 10-episode seasons out over that many weeks, whereas the episodes are all available at once on Hulu and Prime. 

And "The Great," being a feather-light show about some serious historical topics, is incredibly binge-friendly, so a lot of fans probably blew through each of the past seasons in the course of a weekend. 

For those who've never seen it, "The Great" is a very loose dramatization of the story of Catherine the Great of Russia (played in the series by Elle Fanning, "Super 8," 2011), who married into the royal family and soon became the country's true leader. The looseness of the adaptation, and the levity I mentioned earlier, mean it's all a lot more fun than that premise might sound. 


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