Q: Where did "The Biggest Loser" go? Will it be coming back?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Currently, the answer is no. But that's changed in the past. 

"The Biggest Loser" was once one of the most famous and successful reality shows on TV, part of the first wave of shows (along with "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race") that defined the genre's look and feel. Until it was cancelled in 2016. 

USA Network revived the show in 2020, but only for a single season. There was no official cancelation announcement after that (there rarely is), but they haven't produced any more in the three years since, which suggests they aren't going to. 

But you can't count out a good piece of intellectual property.

The format and the name of "The Biggest Loser" clearly still mean something to people. For example, while the show is over, there's still a Biggest Loser-branded vacation resort in New York's Niagara region. 

That, of course, doesn't help the show's fans elsewhere across North America, but it at least shows there's still interest in the brand. That, plus the fact that reality shows are relatively cheap to produce, means there is at least a good chance that it'll be rebooted again one day on one of the many NBC Universal channels. 


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