Q: I loved the big-screen "A-Team" movie from a few years ago. I assumed it was the first of a series, but nothing else has come out. Are they making a sequel?

Sadly, it seems that ship, or perhaps tank, has sailed. (For those who don't get that reference, the film's protagonists attempt to "fly" a tank using a parachute at one point -- it was that kind of movie.) According to writer-director Joe Carnahan, he and the studio "blew it" with the 2010 film's marketing, and now a sequel is unlikely. Audie...

Q: I've watched "Survivor" since the start, and have seen many of the same contestants over and over. It's hard to believe people can take off work and leave their families for six weeks at a time, just for a one-in-20 chance at winning a million bucks. I

There are a lot of different answers to this question. Some shows give small stipends to contestants, though small is the operative word there. As "Real World" executive producer Jonathan Murray told USA Today, "I used to say it was enough to buy a used car. Now it's probably not quite as big as a used car." And some shows don't give anything. ...

Q: We loved the show "Galavant"! It was clever, original, funny and had great music. We were very disappointed when it wasn't renewed. We'd like to get DVDs of its two seasons but can't find any. Do you have any information on that?

There are no DVDs available yet, but hopefully you're just looking a bit too early. If the show had been a runaway hit, the network would certainly have rushed to get DVDs onto shelves, but "Galavant" never had that sort of success. Indeed, its lack of that sort of success is why it was canceled after two short seasons (season 1 had just eight ...

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