Q: What happened to a favorite show of mine, "The Mysteries of Laura"? The last show was a real cliffhanger.

Sadly, cliffhanger or not, it was indeed the last show. NBC canceled "The Mysteries of Laura" at the end of its second season. There's a little good news for fans, though: The events that would have taken place in season 3 aren't a total mystery, thanks to the uncommon courtesy of series creator Jeff Rake. In an interview with Deadline.com, he ...

Q: The series "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell" did not seem to me to resolve after the seven episodes I have been able to find. Will there be any more of this engaging show?

Author Susanna Clarke agrees with you: "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell," the miniseries based on her debut novel, did not offer sufficient resolution to the lives of its characters. To that end, her second book, a short-story collection titled "The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories," picks up where the first left off. One story featur...

Q: What happened to Jay Pharoah from "SNL"? We haven't seen him much this year.

There's a really good reason you haven't seen him: Jay Pharoah has left the show. He joined the cast of legendary sketch show "Saturday Night Live" in 2010, but after six seasons, at the end of last summer, his contract was not renewed. However, in a surprisingly candid interview in April, Pharoah said he wasn't happy in the show anyway. "The...

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