Q: Is "Yellowstone" coming back for another season? It has to; it left so much unresolved at the end of last season.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

"So much unresolved" is a bit of an understatement — the Season 3 finale was packed full of twists, shocks and cliffhangers. And perhaps the writers were comfortable doing that because they already knew they were getting another season, but if they know when, they aren't telling. We can venture a guess, though.

It's been confirmed that filming is under way (in what are now known as "bubble" conditions — lots of testing, distancing and so on), and the guess is that the show will come back in the summer. If you're a betting sort of person, put your money on June as each of the show's three seasons to date have debuted in June. Of course, all sorts of business-as-usual institutions have been interrupted by the pandemic, but if it's filming now, it should be ready in plenty of time to keep to the old schedule.

It's not like they had to spend a lot of time coming up with ideas — it's all laid out. I won't go into too much detail, but I will say that actual (fictional) lives are hanging in the balance at the moment — some central characters have some serious situations to get themselves out of.

As I said, the writers knew they'd have time to get them out. The show was renewed for a fourth season months before the third season even aired. That's always a gamble, but it paid off well this time: Season 3's viewership was up by an amazing 66% from that of Season 2.

Indeed, Paramount is clearly pretty happy to remain in the "Yellowstone" business. On top of the renewal, it has also greenlit two spinoffs: the prequel series "Y: 1883" and the present-set "6666," both of which will be available on the company's streaming platform, Paramount .


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