Q: A year or so ago, there was a Second World War series on "Masterpiece." I believe it was called "World on Fire." Will it ever be completed?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

The second season of "World on Fire" is being completed as we speak, actually.

It's one of the countless shows that was delayed by the pandemic. While some of those shows were able to recover and get back on track (relatively) quickly, others, including "World on Fire," have needed more time. There's no firm date yet for when it will return, but the show's official Instagram leaked that it was planning to start shooting over the summer of 2021.

The show, produced by the BBC in the U.K. and airing later on PBS's "Masterpiece," is a sprawling drama that shows how the war affected ordinary lives in five different countries.

It counts Helen Hunt ("Mad About You") and Sean Bean ("Game of Thrones") among its ensemble cast and is likely to return some time this year. (Though because it airs first on BBC and later on PBS, it probably won't be right away.)

The fact that it's such a big, lavish drama is part of what makes it hard to guess how long it'll take to shoot and edit. That's also the reason it's taking longer than some shows to come back from the pandemic shutdown -- filming is split between the U.K. and the Czech Republic, meaning it has two separate sets of restrictions to navigate.


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