Q: Will there be another season of "Archer"? I feel like we've been waiting for a while now.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

I struggled to think of a reference to one of "Archer's" million running jokes to use here, but none were suitable for a respectable, family-friendly TV column. (I can't even use "I had something for this …" because that's usually prefaced by a swear word.) So I'll just say it outright: Yes, there will be another season, but it's been delayed.

Season 11 of the consistently profane cartoon comedy was originally scheduled for release on May 6, but the coronavirus happened.

The show's network, FX, announced at the beginning of April that it would "shift the premiere date to later this year."

"Later this year" covers a lot of ground, of course, and there's been no news since. But at least we know it's coming. In the meantime, we just have to be patient.

I mean, who are you, Samuel Watson -- inventor of the stopwatch? (Ha! I found a reference I can use.)


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