Q: Will Fox's "Lucifer" be returning to TV?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Sort of, but it's not Fox's anymore.

Fox canceled "Lucifer" back in May after its third season. Its ratings had dropped consistently year over year, and so it didn't seem like a great candidate for rescue by another channel, but Netflix surprised everyone by doing just that a month later. However, with Netflix being a streaming service, the show won't be back "on TV" exactly. 

The most specific return date Netflix has offered is "early 2019," but we do know that filming ended in early December, so the wait shouldn't be too long.

Though its ratings made this resurrection unlikely, other elements of the show helped it along. A big piece of that is the subject matter: supernatural shows (such as this one, which is about the devil quitting his job as lord of the underworld to help the police solve crimes in Los Angeles) tend to gather passionate fan bases who hustle pretty hard on their show's behalf. That was the case here, as the fan campaign to bring the show back was huge.

However, there's also a reason why the show's American ratings simply didn't matter to Netflix. Unlike the Fox network, Netflix is a global platform, and "Lucifer" has a pretty solid following outside the U.S.

Cindy Holland, Netflix's vice-president of original series, said she rescued the show partly because it "has really resonated with audiences in parts of the world where we licensed it, so we felt it was important to help that show continue for those fans."

Prior to the Netflix pickup, another global streaming channel, Amazon, was considering swooping in. Though it ultimately chose not to, Amazon boss Jennifer Salke said she was interested because, "I know that international, especially the U.K. group, was really bullish on that show."


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