Q: Is Will Estes, who appears on "Blue Bloods" as the youngest son, any relation to Rob Estes, formerly of "Melrose Place"?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Surprisingly enough, no. But Will says that he gets that a lot.

"People ask, yeah," he told "Entertainment Tonight" when it, too, expressed curiosity about it. "I met Rob once briefly. I don't know him, but I consider it a compliment."

It's a fair guess, though. Apart from the names, the two also rose to fame at around the same time, though there's a fair age gap -- 15 years, to be exact.

Rob had a small role on "Days of Our Lives" in the mid-'80s, but really found fame as a detective in the 1991 CBS (and later USA Network) crime drama "Silk Stalkings." But while Rob was setting hearts aflutter in the steamy noir-style series, Will was only 13 years old and starring in the almost unbelievably wholesome series "The New Lassie."

And, actually, Estes is Will's middle name -- the maiden name of his mother, Mary Lu, according to his official fan site (WillEstes.com). He was born Will Nipper, and that's how he was credited for most of his child-star years (including his time on "The New Lassie").


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