Q: Will A&E be bringing back "The Glades"?

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It will, and the show's stars says that's all thanks to how weird Florida is.

"The voice of the show will always be finding bizarre and astounding parts of Florida," Australian star Matt Passmore told Aussie news site The Age. "I don't think they've scraped the bottom of the barrel as yet."

Passmore plays a Chicago cop who leaves the Windy City after an incident involving his captain's wife, and joins the state police in small town South Florida, expecting to get a lot of time to work on his golf swing. Instead he has his forensic skills tested as bodies pile up on a weekly basis, as they tend to do on such procedural cop shows.

In terms of a premiere date, A&E hasn't offered anything more precise than the three month block between June and August (that's assuming they take the strict calendar definition of "summer"), but the previous season premiered in June.

Entertainment Weekly asked Passmore why the show was a good fit for summer. "I think the audience can relate in the summer. It's beautiful surroundings, and I think not only in America but a lot of the world, there is a fascination with Florida. It's got such a glossy exterior and such a dark interior ... behind every bikini babe is an alligator. There's not many places in America that you can have that kind of juxtaposition in."

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