Q: Why isn't Richard Moll still doing things? He was always the best part of "Night Court," so I assumed he'd be getting roles forever.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Well, you weren't wrong. It's just the type of roles that have been giving him a profile problem.

Richard Moll was a fan favorite as Bull Shannon in all nine seasons of "Night Court." The always-serious but good-hearted Bull was never a lead character, but he often got the best lines.

That sort of role in a smash-hit sitcom can be an actor's blessing and curse. It gave Moll a very high profile but left him typecast as a gentle giant (though his combined six-foot-eight frame and infectious smile didn't help matters).

That's all an explanation for why he never quite reached, let alone beat, his "Night Court" fame again. However, that's not to say he hasn't been busy.

He's been taking supporting roles pretty steadily since then, so that today he has a whopping 173 different films and TV shows on his resume.

They've mostly been comedies -- such as notable turns in 1996's "Jingle All the Way" and the cult-favorite 1999 indie film "But I'm a Cheerleader" -- but he's also kept up a sideline in horror cinema.

Some of his best roles have been in places where the two genres meet, including big-screen hits "Scary Movie 2" (2001) and "House" (1985). That also describes his most recent role, in last year's schlocky, Christmas-themed horror comedy "Slay Belles."

That's not to say Moll hasn't tried to stretch his legs, so to speak -- they haven't all been imposing characters that played on his size. In the aforementioned "But I'm a Cheerleader" he played an activist rescuing gay teens from a conversion camp, and in 2003's "Cats and Mice" he played a cross-dressing brothel owner. He's even gone the heartwarming route as Big Jim in "Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage" (2008). 

In an interview with People magazine back in 2003, Moll summed up his approach to working as an actor: "The more work the better, as far as I'm concerned." 


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