Q: Who played the doctor in "Death on the Nile"? He looked really familiar. 

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

For once, it's possible the actor wasn't recognizable because he was done up to look like a regular person. That was outlandish British comedian Russell Brand playing Dr. Windlesham. 

Brand is as known for his goth-inspired, androgynous fashion choices as he is for his over-the-top comedy style. But in the Agatha Christie mystery adaptation "Death on the Nile" (2022), he was done up to look like an unassuming gentleman — a reluctant aristocrat and the jilted lover of the central murder victim. And so, of course, he was also not recognizable because he was really playing against type. In his comedy persona, Brand is anything but "unassuming." 

North Americans may not be familiar with his standup act, but his previous film resume gives the same impression. For example, he played his role as an unmanageable rock star so well in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" (2008) that the character got a whole movie to himself two years later in "Get Him to the Greek" (2010).  

Brand also played a slightly more refined, but still out-of-control, version of the titular character in "Arthur" (2011), putting his own spin on the '80s hit.


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