Q: Where does the line "This time, it's personal" come from?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

As far as anyone can seem to remember, that phrase began as the tagline of the otherwise forgettable fourth "Jaws" film, "Jaws: The Revenge" (1987).

The tagline refers to the film's incredibly implausible plot, in which one single shark chases members of the Brody family from Cape Cod to the Bahamas, killing two members and nearly eating a third in its inexplicable hunt for Brody blood. Driven mad by grief and a thirst for vengeance, Ellen Brody, the widow of original "Jaws" protagonist Sheriff Martin Brody, sets out on a little boat to take it on, mano-a-shark-o.

The phrase appeared on the film's one-sheet poster as well as the DVD and VHS boxes and has now become one of the most popular cliches in the film business.

"Jaws: The Revenge," of course, also gave birth to the long-running joke of using the subtitle "The Revenge" for unnecessary sequels.

Shockingly, this film managed to secure no less an actor than Michael Caine to star opposite Lorraine Gary as the new romantic lead (her last one having been killed by the shark). What's more, the film was released the same year he won his first Oscar, for best supporting actor in the Woody Allen comedy "Hannah and Her Sisters."

He was nominated for a Golden Raspberry award for worst supporting actor for "Jaws: The Revenge," but he lost.

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